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How do I upgrade to Premium Economy on Air France?

If you have booked the tickets in economy class of Air France and want an upgrade to Premium Economy, you can follow the steps below:

To upgrade the ticket online, you need to-

  • Open the webpage of Air France first.
  • Choose the Manage booking button and fill in the flight details.
  • Hit the Manage button on the itinerary page.
  • Go to the seat section and make the choices from the seat map.
  • Pay the amount depending on the availability, and your upgrade is complete.

Other than the online process, you can upgrade the seat at the airport before boarding the flight. You may also speak to the flight attendant regarding Air France Premium Economy upgrade or contact the customer service. The live representative can help you with the process and make your journey more comfortable than ever.

Is Premium Economy worth it on Air France? 

Yes, it is worth paying more on Premium Economy with Air France. You not only get the comfort on spending a little more but also get facilities like-

  • Larger, covered, and soft pillows and blankets
  • Water bottle at the time of boarding
  • Comfort kit containing socks, eye mask, toothpaste, toothbrush, earplugs, etc.
  • Larger and more reclining seats.

Besides, you can choose the food and drinks from the menu. The inflight services are also increased compared to traveling in Economy class.

Does Air France have a Premium Economy? 

Definitely, the airline provides you Premium Economy seats that can provide a serene trip. The cabins are separated by a divider and contain a finite number of seats. The cabins are cleaned and disinfected regularly for the passengers' safety. Also, the air filter is renewed every 3 minutes, so there is no fear of airborne disease.

What does the Premium economy on Air France look like? 

If you want an Air France Premium Economy review, you should know that the seats are larger in this class in a more intimate cabin. The class has upgraded amenities and meals, SkyPriority services at the airport, and a larger checked and carry-on baggage allowance. Moreover, the inflight services of the Premium Economy class are worth your money, and you can access the lounge if available.

Does Air France's premium economy have access to lounges? 

Yes, you can have lounge access if it is available. The lounges are included for the first-class traveler, but if there is some space available, you can purchase the lounge depending on the availability. You can also get the lounge for free if you have collected some miles or credit card rewards. If you have the lounge access, you can get-

  • WiFi
  • A shower
  • Alcohol, mocktails, food, beverages, etc.
  • Peaceful environment to relax
  • A business center

You can get all these facilities by spending smartly on your Premium Economy class ticket. Moreover, you may contact customer support or airport staff about the arrangements.

Do Air France premium economy seats recline? 

Yes. Each seat in Premium Economy of Air France has a recline of 130° with an adjustable footrest and more legroom. The seats are redesigned and are now wider to 2.5 cm. Moreover, the seats are designed in such a way that they recline in till a fixed spot without disturbing the passengers at the back. The seats have integrated noise-canceling headphones and an entertainment screen, adjustable reading lights, and a tray table that comes out of the seat. All these facilities come with a reclining seat so that you don't have to hurt your back.

Can you upgrade from economy to premium economy on Air France? 

Of Course, you can upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy. The Air France upgrade to premium economy cost ranges between $80 to $250 depending on your route and ticket type. You can also use travel miles to upgrade the flight tickets with the airline. Air France allows you to make the upgrade through multiple platforms, including-

  • Online website
  • Via customer support
  • At the airport, before boarding the flight
  • With the help of a flight attendant.

What is the difference between business class and premium economy on Air France? 

Both the classes on the airline have impeccable facilities. Here are some standards that can help you differentiate the business and Premium Economy class of Air France.


The business class is 65% more expensive than Premium Economy, and you need to pay a lot more for some facilities.


The business class provides comfortable seats with more legroom, recliner, and angled flat seats. On the other hand, Premium Economy provides 5-7 inches extra legroom with wider seats.


Business-class offers wide choices of food and fine wines with enhanced flight entertainment, priority check-in, and extra baggage allowance. Premium Economy gives you specific yet interesting food options with inflight entertainment.

What is the difference between the Air France economy and Premium economy? 

There are not a lot of differences between both the classes but the main difference between Air France Economy, and Premium Economy is significant when it comes to seats. The seats are larger and more reclining in Premium Economy. You get extra amenities like a comfort kit, USB ports, wifi connections, etc. Economy travelers only get blankets for longer journeys.

Besides, the travelers get a choice in food and drinks with Premium Economy, but the economy passengers get one or maybe two choices in their snack. The price of both the classes differs as per their route. So when it comes to shorter distances, you can travel in economy class, but Premium Economy is better for longer routes carrying more facilities. 

What booking class is premium economy on Air France? 

All the airlines have their separate ways of naming the seats and classes. Similarly, Air France Premium Economy is available under the name of Premium Voyageur with S, A, and W allotted seats. You can open the Seat section option from the official website and choose the Premium Voyageur seats. So while choosing the seats with the airline, you can check the seat map and select the seat as per your requirement.