Are Thrifty Car Rentals Refundable?

Yes, Thrifty car Rental Company does provide the customer with the refunds back. Customers are eligible to get refunds from the Thrifty Car Rental Company & this process of making refunds back to the customer is too possible but it takes kind of a few days.

Now if you want to know more about the Are Thrifty Car Rentals refundable so that you can have the information related to refundable money that you get from the Thrifty Car Rental company.

Thrifty car rental is the subsidiary of the Hertz Corporation that is headquartered in Estero, Florida. It has 1500 franchise rental car locations in the United States & in Canada too.

Thrifty Car Rental Refund Policy:

  • If the customer made a pre-paid reservation & then cancel it 2 days before the date of your scheduled pick-up then you will get a full refund from the company
  • And if the cancelation is done after the scheduled time & just before the pick-up time, then the company will refund your prepayment less with an administration charge of GBP 37.00 or EUR 56
  • And if you fail to pick up your car without canceling, like a no show/lost rental fee, in that case, you are able to find the rules about the refundable amount in terms & conditions.

 How long does the Thrifty refund take?

If you give the company back the car in good condition then you will get the deposits back with you within 5 to 10 days & that to into your credit/debit card & that all depends upon your bank or on the credit card company.

However, for any further information, you feel free to contact the customer care support team executive for more information & guidance or call 802-327-8023 anytime.

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