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Can I choose my seat on Avianca?

Yes, you can choose seats on Avianca Airlines. After completing the booking process, you can pre-select your seats and enjoy your trip comfortably. But to select the preferred seat, you might have to pay its cost, depending on your fare type and the location you are traveling to. 

How do I select a seat on Avianca airlines? 

When you have to choose seats on Avianca Airlines, you can call customer service on this number 1 (800) 284-2622, or online, and you can choose on your own. And the step for the Avianca seat selection online have been stated beneath:-

  • Get to the official website of Avianca Airlines https://www.avianca.com/

  • And then click on manage your booking option

  • After that, type the reservation number with the passenger's last name.

  • Then click on the seat option.

  • Further, the seat map appears; choose the available seat and click on the next option.

  • On the payment tab, if the cost appears, then make the payment.

What is Avianca seat selection policy? 

When you select seats on Avianca Airlines, you get to follow its certain terms and conditions. And that provision you can locate in the seat selection policy, and it has been displayed below:-

  • The seat selection is subject to availability, so you can choose seats when they have been available.

  •  If you wish to fly with more space, you can reserve seats, but these seats can be booked from the airport.

  • When you have booked the empty seats, you can use them during the flight, but this seat option might not be available on every route.

  • The passenger gets to pay an additional fee for the preferential seats, and it cannot transfer to another passenger.

  • If you are an elite member or using any of the special services offered by Avianca Airlines, you could get free seats.

  • When unaccompanied minors travel, they might be able to choose seats.

  • When you selected your seats and completed the payment, you could not change the number of your seats.

  • If you have purchased your ticket with the help of a travel agent, then you have to get in touch with them to get a preferred seat.

What is Avianca Plus seats? 

The Avianca plus seats are the seats that are located in the front of flights. On Avianca Plus seats leg room with more space. And there you can keep your luggage and travel comfortably. So, to choose this seat, you might pay between $10 to $90, depending on the fare type and location. Further, if you require more information, you can ask the airline customer service team.

Are Avianca Plus seats bigger? 

Yes, Avianca plus seats are bigger because these seats are located in the form of aircraft. That's why the seats are bigger than the others and have more space to keep your hand luggage or personal kit bag.

Do Avianca seats recline? 

Yes, Avianca Airlines have reclining seats, and those seats are known as flatbed seats. And those seats can be reclined up to 180. When you select this seat, you get an inflight entertainment system with a separate space for privacy. Moreover, these seats can be located on double-aisle flights. 

Do you have to pay for seats on Avianca? 

Yes, you have to pay for seats on Avianca Airlines. And the Avianca seat selection cost could be around $10 to 250, depending on your fare type and destination. But you can book the seats without paying additional fees when you are an elite member or fall under the special service category.

What is an Avianca preferred seat? 

On Avianca Airlines, the preferred seats are the front row seats. And to book those seats, you get to pay the additional cost, which could be around $10 to $50, depending on the destinations you are flying to. And if you get Avianca change seats, you can choose an equivalent seat on the new flight.

Does Avianca seat families together?

Yes, Avianca seats families together. On the airline, you can select your seats at the time of booking up to 48 hours before flight departure. If you are flying with the family, try to book seats as early as possible, and if the nearby seats are available, you can fly together by paying the seat fee.