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Can I change my British Airways flight online?

Yes, if you wish to change or reschedule your flight, you can do it online with a simple process explained below:

  • Go to britishairways.com

  • Click on manage my booking

  • Enter your booking reference and last name

  • Click on continue

  • Here you will find your booking details on the screen

    • Select the flight change

    • Enter your preferred date and time 

    • Pay the flight change fee, if required

    • Get confirmation on the change of flight instantly.

You can follow this online method to change your scheduled flight anytime after booking tickets on British Airways.

How do I change my British Airways booking? 

If you wish to make any modifications to your ticket, you can do so in numerous ways. For British airways change booking, try the following:

Phone: you can call British Airways customer service and get the modifications on your ticket. Go through the easy steps given below for a change on the ticket through a call:

  • Call 1 800 247 9297 and follow the IVR.

  • Press the concerned number for your flight change query and go further with the IVR directions

  • Press the number for speaking to a British Airways customer service person for assistance with the change on the flight or tickets.

  • The customer service person will guide and help with the changes you want to make with the British Airways ticket.

Online: The quickest way to make changes to your ticket is through an online procedure. For example, if you want to reschedule your flight, add or remove a passenger from your booking, or for any sort of changes to the ticket:

  • At first, Visit the official website of British Airways.

  • Click on manage booking.

  • Enter your reference number and last name.

  • Choose the desired changes. 

  • Pay the change fee, if chargeable.

  • Get confirmation on the changes made to the British Airways ticket.

What is British Airways' flight change policy?

To change a flight on British Airways, you must follow the precise change flight policy stated by British Airways, which is as follows:

  • Only the tickets booked from the British Airways web portal or from an authorized ticket center will be eligible for a flight change.

  • All flight changes must be done up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight's departure.

  • It must be done before check-in if you wish to reschedule or change the scheduled flight.

  • If you change the flight within 24 hours of ticket booking, no flight change fee will be charged.

  • If you change the flight after 24 hours of booking, a flight change cost will be payable in addition to the difference in fare if there.

  • If you change the flight due to cancellation or delay of the scheduled flight by British Airways, no change fee will be applicable.

  • All flight changes would be subject to the availability of seats on the desired flight and other terms and conditions of British Airways.

Is it easy to change flight dates with British Airways? 

Yes, you can conveniently change the date and time of your journey with British Airways. For information on the British Airways flight change options, you can refer to the methods explained below:

  1. Online change of flights: Change the flight with a simple online procedure from the British Airways official webpage. You can access the online mode of flight change immediately after the booking is confirmed.

  2. Change of flights through call: You can call British Airways customer service and request assistance from someone to reschedule the flight after giving the details and valid reasons to change the flight. You may have to pay a change fee if required.

  3. At the airport: Lastly, if you have reached the airport but cannot take the scheduled flight, you can change the flight with the assistance of British Airways staff at the airport counter.

What is the latest I can change my flight BA?

You can change your British Airways flight up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. For more information, call British airways change flight phone number, and get complete knowledge on flight changes.

Does British Airways have free flight change?

To change the flight on British Airways for free, follow the conditions given below:

  • If the flight change is done within the risk-free period of 24 hours of booking, no change fee will be levied on the passenger.

  • If the flight is changed due to cancellation or unreasonable delay of the scheduled flight by British Airways.

  • If the passenger is a frequent flyer, the flight change can be done without extra charges.

  • If the passenger is a member of the elite flyer and has a first/business class ticket, no flight change fee would be charged.

Does it cost money to change flight dates with British Airways?

The British Airways flight change cost is applicable according to the following:

For domestic or short haul flights, change of flights online: no flight change fee is applicable.
For a change of flights on the phone: USD 25 with the difference in the fare, if any
For a change of flights at the airport: USD 35 with the difference in the fare, if any.