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Can you change a flight to Aeromexico?

Yes, changing a flight with Aeromexico is possible, and the process can be quite straightforward. You can contact the Aeromexico customer service team for assistance if you need to change your itinerary. They can help you find a new flight that fits your schedule and may even be able to waive the change fee under certain circumstances. Also, you can make changes to the Aeromexico flight through the website easily with or without paying any additional cost to them as per such conditions.

Does Aeromexico let you change a flight? 

Yes, Aeromexico allows you to modify your ticket. The flight change fee depends on the fare type and the number of changes made.

  • Basic fares have no change fee within 24 hours of making a booking. After 24 hours, the change fee is up to USD 300.

  • For Classic, AM+, Comfort, and Flexible fares, the change fee is up to USD 300.

  • For Premier fares, there is no change fee.

  • You can also change your flight for free if you are eligible for travel credit. Travel credits are issued for specific reasons, such as a flight cancellation or a schedule change.

How do I change my flight to Aeromexico?

You can change the flight to Aeromexico in two ways, like through Aeromexico change flight online or via call. However, if you seek to do this, there are a few steps that you must get through it simply.

Change through the website-

  • Go to the Aeromexico website.

  • Click on the "My Trips" tab.

  • Add your PNR number and last name.

  • Select the flight you want to change.

  • Click on the "Change Flight" button.

  • Review the change charge and any other fare difference.

  • Click on the "Change" column to confirm.

  • Get its confirmation on your linked device.

Change Aeromexico flight by call-

You can simply make changes in your flight by calling the Aeromexico customer service person, For that, you must use Aeromexico change flight phone number 1 (800) 237-6639 and call the live person. In a few seconds, when the call interlinked with them, you may request for flight change. Share all the requisite booking details with them, and tell them about the changes that you want. Pay its charges and get its confirmation over your phone.

Explain Aeromexico's change flight policy.

Going to make changes to your Aeromexico flight, but having such confusion, For this, you seek how to do it for free or with paying, or more. Therefore, at that time, it must first be familiar with Aeromexico's change flight policy which is located below there.

  • You can change your flight for free if you do it within 24 hours of booking.

  • You will be charged a change fee if you change your flight after 24 hours of booking. The change fee amount depends on your fare type, which is basic fare, flexible fare, and premier fare ticket type that doesn’t take any fee from you, while Classic fare, AM+ fare, and Comfort fare will take up to USD 300.

  • Within 24 hours of booking, travelers can change their flight for free, as long as the new itinerary is for travel within 7 days of reservation. After this initial 24-hour window, travelers can still change their tickets but will need to pay a fee. 

  • However, if the original ticket was purchased through Aeromexico, travelers may be entitled to a credit towards future travel. 

  • Moreover, Aeromexico now offers a "Flex Change" fee, allowing travelers to make unlimited flight changes without any additional charges.

  • You can also change your flight for free if the flight is canceled or significantly delayed.

  • You can change your flight for free within 24 hours of booking, as long as you have not checked in for your flight.

  • You can make one change to your flight without penalty on select routes other than domestic routes within Mexico. This change must be made at least 3 hours before departure.

  • A passenger can make unlimited changes to your flight without penalty if you have purchased a flexible fare. However, you may still be charged a difference if the new fare exceeds the original fare.

  • You are able to do Aeromexico change flight date, time, name, or more by paying the cost to them.

  • If you change your flight within 3 hours of departure, you will be charged a fee of USD 232. You will also be responsible for paying the fare difference (if any) between the original and the new fare.

  • Aeromexico permits you to change flights by online, by phone, or at the airport. To change your flight online, log in to your Aeromexico account and change your reservation. To change your flight by phone, call Aeromexico's customer service at 1-844-673-0381. To change your flight at the airport, you must go to the Aeromexico ticket counter and speak to a customer service representative.

Does Aeromexico charge change fees?

Yes, Aeromexico charges change fees for most fare types. The Aeromexico change flight fee amount depends on the fare type and the route. For example, the change fee for a Basic fare is USD 232, while the Flexible fare is waived.

How much does Aeromexico cost to change a flight?

Aeromexico will take charges from their passengers for changing the flight as per their fare ticket type. 

  • Basic-    USD 232

  • Classic- USD 150

  • Comfort- USD 100

  • Premium Economy- USD 50

  • Business Class- USD 25

  • First Class- USD 0

How long ago can I change my Aeromexico flight?

You can change your Aeromexico flight to one year from the original booking date. In addition, you cannot change a Basic fare within 24 hours of booking, and you may be charged a change fee if you change your flight within 3 hours of departure.

Can I get compensation for the Aeromexico flight change?

As per the policy, Aeromexico flight change compensation typically depends on the reason for the change and the airline's policies. For that, you must check or connect with an airline.