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Can I change the date of my Iberia flight?

Date changes are available with the Iberia flight. You can make the desired changes to your flight and can change the date of your flight ticket but this must be done 3 hours prior to departure. Last moment date changes are not allowed for your flights reserved with Iberia airlines. 

To get started with changes to your flight dates, travellers are required to visit the official website of Iberia airlines to proceed with online changes. 

How to change a flight on Iberia? 

If you have made reservations with Iberia airlines and would like to make the required changes then you have come to the exact right place. We are about to share the steps that would help you with the Iberia flight change. Changes to your flight could be made easily and for those who would like to have assistance with flight change steps, they may stick to the below-mentioned steps. This will answer How to change the Iberia flight.  

  • Visit the official website of Iberia airlines. 

  • Next, travellers are supposed to select the My Trips option on the page. 

  • Select the Manage my booking option and proceed further. You will be redirected to yet another page. 

  • Here, users are required to enter details such as their reservation id or PNR number followed by their last name. Hit the submit option.

  • Next, travellers will be taken to yet another page where they are required to select the reservation that they wish to make changes to. 

  • Select the Change flight option on the page and from a drop-down list select the change option. 

  • Make the desired changes to your flight and proceed with the payment. 

  • Once the payment is done, the changes will be processed and you will get notified on your registered email address. 

What is Iberia's flight change policy? 

It is also essential to go through the  Iberia flight change policy, as the flight change policy offered by the airline provides insight into the terms and conditions associated with flight change. As per the flight change policy followed by Iberia, 

  • Travellers have the option of changing their flight free of cost if the changes have been made within 24 hours from making the initial reservation for your flight.

  • Change fee applies to the flights that are changed after the passage of 24 hours.

  • Changes can be made up to 3 hours from the departure of the flight reserved by a passenger. 

Does Iberia have a change fee? 

Change fee applies to the tickets that have been reserved with Iberia airlines. Travellers have to pay the change fee if they would like to make certain or desired changes to their flights. Users are recommended to make use of the change flight option in order to proceed with the changes. 

You can get detail related to the change fee by getting in touch with the customer service department at Iberia. Professionals at Iberia will guide you as far as changes to your flight are concerned. However, it is highly recommended to go through the changed policy for a smooth experience with changes to your flight booking. 

How much does it cost to change a flight on Iberia? 

If you wish to change your flight then the Iberia flight change fee is somewhere around USD 50 for one direction. For the rest of the details related to flight change, travellers are recommended to visit the official website or they may also seek assistance or guidance from the customer relation executives at Iberia. 

Flight change fee waiver is currently being offered by the airlines due to the pandemic and many airlines continue to offer change fee waivers. If you happen to have an older reservation then you could make changes to your flight for free. There are no added costs to your flight reservations. 

What happens if Iberia changes my flight? 

If changes to your flight reservation have been processed by the airline then you are entitled to refunds. Compensation is granted to passengers because of the flight change. 

As compensation, passengers will get shifted on a flight within 6 hours of scheduled departure. Moreover, if the airline is unable to arrange a flight for you then you are entitled to a refund for your flight.