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How Do I Get The Best Deal on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit is one of the best low-cost airlines that provide different budget-friendly deals to customers. Here are some points that can provide you best deals on Spirit Airlines:

1. Saver$ Club

The airline has a Savers club that provides discounts on many booking options. If you buy the membership of this club, you can save on

  • Seats while taking the upgrades
  • The partner airlines
  • Up to 50% on checked and carry on baggage fees

2. $9 Fare Club

You can book the flights at the lowest prices when you join this club. The airline does not ask for any extra amount in the hidden form apart from flight tickets and legal taxes.

3. Other tips

You can get the best deal on Spirit Airlines when booking the tickets at least two weeks in advance from the official website. Besides that, try to book on weekdays to get budget-friendly deals with the airlines.

What is the cheapest day to purchase Spirit airline tickets?

When booking the flight tickets on weekdays, you can save a big amount on the ticket money. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest weekdays to buy Spirit Airlines tickets. Moreover, you should avoid booking the tickets on Friday as the tickets are more expensive on that day of the week. If you book the flight ticket in the odd hours of weekdays, you can get some additional discount on the trip.

How does Spirit Airlines keep ticket costs low? 

Many factors help the airline maintain the reputation of low-cost airlines even when you book a ticket at the airport. Some of the factors are:

  • Spirit Airlines allows you the baggage allowance of 100 pounds for free. Additionally, you can save up to 50% of the baggage fees once you become a member of the Saver$ Club.
  • You can purchase the regular flight tickets on Spirit only at the rate of $1 to $50, depending on the route.
  • It has introduced the Saver$ club that allows regular travelers to save a good amount and maintain their budget. 
  • The club membership comes into a 12-month, 18-month, and 24-month membership plan at $60.95, $99.90, and $129.90, respectively.

Can I get Cheaper Spirit flights on Tuesdays? 

Yes. You can book cheap Spirit flight tickets on Tuesdays. The airline launches its cheap flight deals late at night on Monday. So when you book the ticket on Tuesday early mornings, you can grab a wallet-friendly deal. Additionally, you can use the Saver$ Club or $9 Fare Club to get an extra discount on the booking. This tip can help you to book the cheapest flight with Spirit Airlines.

Do Spirit flights get cheaper closer to the departure date? 

Yes. You can get cheap last-minute flights on Spirit as the airline provides a closure discount to attract more buyers. If you get the ticket during that period, you can save a significant amount of money. Besides, you can check the following tips to get last-minute deals on Spirit-

  • Sign in on the official website of Spirit Airlines to get notifications for every new deal for cheap flights.
  • Be flexible with your travel plan to get the most effective deal with the airline.
  • Contact the customer support of the airline to know other unpublished deals.

How much does Spirit take for the bookings at the airport?

When you book the flight tickets at the airport, you don't need to pay any e-service charges. Hence, for a one-way trip, Spirit Airlines costs around $19. It gets cheaper for a round trip as well. In contrast, when you purchase tickets from the website, some other incorporated charges like taxes, flight values, administration charges, government expenses are added to the tickets. You can avoid many of these charges while booking a ticket from the airport.

How much do you save at the Spirit counter?  

The airline charges only the Passenger Usage Charge, which means you don't need to pay the added $ 7.5% federal excise taxes. So, when you book the ticket, you have to pay the actual charge of $18.99 per side. Here, you can save $19 on a one-way trip and $38 for the round trip. Also, if you are traveling with multiple family members, the savings add on to make a huge amount.

With these answers, you can save a significant amount on your bookings with Spirit Airlines. The airline has launched different deals and Membership plans where you get the best deal on Spirit Airlines flight tickets. You may contact the airline's customer support and book a cheap flight with Spirit for more information.