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How Can I Get My Money Back From Alitalia?

Passengers prefer purchasing their tickets from Alitalia airline for their trip to their destinations. Some passengers cancel their tickets due to unavoidable situations, or flights get delayed or canceled by the airlines. In such cases, passengers want their money back from the airline. Some of them are not aware of asking for the money or amount of ticket booking. They can ask for a refund or compensation for their canceled or delayed flight. There are some steps in which passengers can ask for compensation:

  • Before asking for compensation or refund, passengers must see if the airline has canceled or delayed their flight. They need to cancel the flight before asking for a refund.
  • After canceling the tickets, passengers need to go to the 'Request a Refund' option.
  • They need to fill in all the information like reservation code or ticket number and the last name of the passengers.
  • After the procedure, a refund will be credited to the passengers in their payment while booking the flights. 

How do I get a refund from Alitalia?

In case of asking for a refund, passengers need to cancel their flight 24 hours before the flight's departure time. There can be situations when the airline cancels the flight or gets delayed by the airline. In this situation, it is the passenger's right to request a refund from the airline. There are some steps by which they can ask for a refund:

  • Go to the official website of Alitalia.
  • Go to the flight cancelation tab.
  • Cancel the ticket booked by the passengers 24 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • Enter all the information like reservation number and the name of the passengers.
  • Click on the Cancel tab. 
  • Confirmation of flight cancellation will be sent to the passengers via text or email.
  • After canceling the flight, ask for a refund by going to the 'Request for a Refund' tab.
  • Enter the reservation number of the flight and the last name of the passengers.
  • Refunds will be credited to the passengers via payment when booking flights.
  • Refunds can also be requested when the airline cancels or delays the flight. 

What is Alitalia airline's refund policy? 

Passengers need to follow some of the policies before asking for a refund from the airline. There are some policies given below:

  • The Alitalia refund policy allows the passengers to cancel the flights within 24 hours without any charges.
  • They provide a full refund if you have booked your flight tickets on the Alitalia USA official website
  • As per the Alitalia refund policy, a 20$ fee will be applicable to make Alitalia refund requests online.

After that, You can contact or visit the official website of the Alitalia airline and contact customer services to get more information on the Alitalia refund and cancellation policy.

How long does it take for Alitalia's refund? 

After canceling the flight tickets and asking for a refund, passengers may ask about the Alitalia refund time. Once the airline accepts the refund request of the passengers, it may take up to seven working days to get a refundAmount of refund may get credited in the same way the passengers made the payment. 

Are Alitalia flights refundable?

Passengers who cancel their flight or the flights get delayed because of the airlines' fault always ask for a refund or compensation for their canceled or delayed flight. Some flights can be compensated or cannot be compensated. Passengers need to know which flights can be refunded by the airline or which cannot be refunded. Following are how passengers can know about the refunding and non-refunding flights.

  • Flight tickets need to be canceled 24 hours before the flight's departure.
  • Tickets that have expired cannot be refunded by the airline.
  • If passengers are late due to their mistake and miss their flight. Ticket amounts will not be refunded in such cases.
  • If the airlines delay or cancel, they will provide compensation or refund to the passengers.

Are Alitalia refunds issued?

After the passengers cancel their flight and apply for an Alitalia refund request, the airline will issue the refund. After the Request is sent to the airline, they will see whether it is valid according to the refund policies. If the tickets are refundable, the airline will issue the refund to the credit account of the passenger.