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How do I call Iberia from Spain?

If you have a reservation-related query or need information about the existing booking, you can call Iberia from Spain anytime. Iberia Airlines provides 24/7 hours of assistance to its customer service globally. However, if you are curious, how do I call Iberia from Spain? It's a very simple procedure. You can scroll down to find out the detailed information below.

Numbers you can use to call Iberia from Spain.

For bookings  

Call on the (+1)800 772 4642  

From 00:00 - 24:00h. Daily ( in Spanish and English)

For Iberia Plus center

Call on 1800 772 4642

From 8:00 24:00 Monday to Saturday ( in Spanish and English)

For Iberia Baggage services center

Call on the 800 772 4642

You can use the number above to reach out to Iberia customer representatives from Spain anytime. Choosing your number, you can follow the information below for your reference.

Easy steps to call Iberia from Spain

  • Dial the Iberia customer care number (+1)800 772 4642  or 8023004777.
  • Choose your language by pressing one, and follow IVR instructions
  • You need to select the most suitable option from the phone menu and wait
  • Now jump to the option that connects you with the Iberia representative
  • You can wait for a while by the time an Iberia agent joins you

In this way, you can call Iberia from Spain anytime. However, you can also go ahead with alternate contact options below if the call volume is too high. Thinking about where to access these options, you can explore the customer support page of Iberia online.

Alternate options to contact Iberia from Spain 

  1. Chat support
  2. Email support
  3. Social Media
  4. Mailing address

You can use any of the options above to connect with Iberia from Spain. However, if you doubt how to call Iberia in Spain, you can keep reading the article below.

How do I contact Iberia from Spain?

As Iberia has a huge customer support team spread worldwide, it includes Spain. You can connect to Iberia in Spain anytime via several ways. However, if you wonder how to call Iberia in Spain, you can follow the short and crisp information below.

Steps by Step guide to calling Iberia in Spain

  • Firstly head to the website of Iberia using your favourite web browser 
  • You need to choose the location(Spain) and language (Spanish) at the top of the homepage
  • Now navigate and look for the Contact service center tab; click on it
  • From the drop-down list, choose the city and hit the search button
  • You get several contact information on your screen
  • Choose the one that suits your requirement
  • Dial the number and follow the IVR instruction on call
  • Select the option that connects you to the Iberia representative and wait
  • Now a few minutes later, once a live agent is available, you can fix your issues

Iberia airlines also provide alternate contact options given below. You can access these options on the support page of Iberia airlines.

Email support

You can also use the email support option to share your concerns, requests, complaints, etc. To share an email, you can either send it directly using the official email address of the airline or via the email form available online.

Social Media

You can follow Iberia on its social media network like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to share direct messages or queries to the airlines.

Mailing address

You can also send a mail to the airline if you wish to share the complaint copy or any physical document. You can access the mailing address from the customer support page of the airline.

You can connect with Iberia in Spain anytime using the Iberia customer service phone number Spain and the options above. In addition to this, you can visit the support page of Iberia airlines to get self-explanatory troubleshooting links and information.