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How do I Cancel My TAP Portugal Ticket?

In order to cancel your TAP Portugal flight, travelers are required to go through the manage my booking section of the website or place a call to TAP Portugal help center number +1 800 931 18 21 or send an email to customer@tapmilesandgo.com.

Online cancellations are convenient and easy to perform. In case you wish to cancel your TAP Portugal reservation, travelers are recommended to navigate to the official website of TAP Portugal and perform the steps that are mentioned down under: 

Steps to Cancel TAP Portugal Flight:

  • Once you are on the official website of TAP Portugal, passengers are required to select the My Trip section on the page. 

  • Next, passengers are required to select the Manage my booking option. 

  • This will take you to yet another page, where travelers have to enter information such as their reservation id followed by their last name to get access to the reservation made with TAP. 

  • Next, travelers are required to select the reservation that they wish to cancel and hit the Cancel Flight option.

  • Proceed to the payment page. Make the payment and you will get notified on your registered email address or phone number. You will receive a cancellation confirmation number. This is essential as far as refunds are concerned. 

What is TAP Portugal airlines' cancellation policy? 

If you want to cancel your flight at Tap air Portugal, then it is highly advised to get through the inclusion of the TAP Portugal airlines cancellation policy. According to the cancellation policy released by TAP Portugal,

  • Passengers are required to make cancellations within 24 hours from making an initial reservation with the airline in order to eliminate the charges that are otherwise levied on passengers if they opt for cancellation. 

  • Also, the cancellation charges ranging between USD 100 to 150 are charged if the cancellation is done after 24 hours from making the initial reservations. 

  • Cancellation of refundable flight qualifies for refunds and cancellation of a non-refundable flight qualifies for future travel credit with TAP Air Portugal. 

For details related to the cancellation policy, passengers are recommended to visit the official website of TAP Air Portugal. 

What happens if TAP Portugal cancels my flight? 

If your flight gets canceled by TAP air Portugal, then you are entitled to get accommodated on another flight operated by TAP Air Portugal. 

You will get a seat on another plane within 6 hours of departure. This is done as compensation for your canceled flight by TAP Air Portugal.

How much does it cost to cancel a TAP Portugal flight? 

In case you have to attend something last minute and as a result, need to cancel your flight reservation then you are supposed to pay the cancellation charge to TAP Air Portugal. 

This totally depends on the departure date. So if your flight is nearing the departure date then the cancellation charge tends to be higher. Also, it depends on the flight type (domestic or international). 

The charges that are levied on TAP air Portugal ranges between USD 100 to 400. It is advised to check with the official website o TAP Portugal as far as cancellation charges are concerned. 

Can I cancel my TAP Portugal flight just before departure?

The answer to this is yes. Anyone can cancel the TAP Portugal flight at any point if they wish to. It will just affect the range of the cancellation charge that one has to pay in case of cancellation. 

If you tend to cancel your TAP Portugal flight just before departure it is likely that you will be charged a hefty amount for cancelling your flight. You must have to pay USD 400 as a cancellation charge.
You could also connect with the customer service department at TAP Portugal to cancel the TAP Portugal flight ticket. To reach out, make use of the customer service helpline number. Or else you could also leave an email on the customer service email address released by TAP Portugal.