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How Do I Change My Hertz Reservation?

You can change your reservations using the official website of the company. You can go to the company's website and use the Modify or Cancel option to change the reservation. If there is any prepaid reservation canceled more than 24 hours before the timing, they will charge some of the amounts of the cancelation fees. You can also contact the service team in order to solve their queries.

Can you change your Hertz rental car?

Yes, Customers can change their Hertz rental car by contacting the customer care service provider on their contact number. Customers can discuss their issues with the support team in case of any trouble in renting a car. Customer care will help the customer to change the rental car and make a new reservation for the ride. If they cannot reach the service team by contact number, they can also contact them through the mail, chats, and contacts on the social media page.

What is Hertz's car rental change policy?

Hertz's car rental change policy includes changes only two times. There will be no charges for modification of administration for the changes made online. Any change that is made online or through the call center will be recalculated on the basis of availability and prices at the time of the changes made. Customers can also contact the service team in case of any trouble.

How do I change my Hertz driver?

 Suppose the renter wishes to change the driver or wants an Additional Driver. They need to follow the company's policy, related to all the changes of the reservation and driver, cost, and the customer's location. The customer and the Additional Driver must meet standard rental requirements of the company to change or rent a car to take a ride for the customer.

Can I change my Hertz pick-up location?

If you want to change the pick-up location or your name, it cannot get changed without the cancellation process as they need to make a new reservation. If the customer needs to change the pick-up location, they need to cancel it and make a new reservation for the ride. If there is any query about the pick-up location, customers can contact the customer support team of the company in order to contact the service team.

Can you change the name of Hertz reservation?

The customer or the company cannot change the Hertz reservation names made by the customers for their rides of the rental cars. They have to make a new reservation for changing the customer's name and the pick-up location. Customers need to cancel the reservation and make a new one with the changed name and the new location with all the information asked by the company. For further information related to the reservation changes, they can also contact the customer service team.

How much does it cost to change a Hertz rental car?

During the time of reservation of the rental car, many charges are included. It may cost around $15 and can extend with the location and the pick-up, but there are no fees to make changes as customers need to cancel the reservation made for the changes. There are many costs and charges included during the time of payment. The customer needs to cancel out the reservation to change the name or change the rental car. Hence, the charges and costs may vary according to the changes made by the customer.

What if Hertz changes my rental car reservation?

Since changes made by the company are infrequent, they can contact the customer service team if it happens with any of the customers. Customers can complain about the changes made by their company and can tell them the problem they are facing because of the cancellation. They ask the reason behind the cancellation. There are many ways by which customers can contact them, like through their official website, phone number, online chats, social media, and can mail them the problems that customers are not able to solve.