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How Do I Change My Swoop Booking?

If you have booked a ticket on Swoop and wish to change your flight, you can go to the official website of Swoop and find the online self-service for changing of flight. The following are the means to change your flight on Swoop:

Online: You can avail of this hassle-free online mode for canceling your tickets through the following steps given below.

  • Go to the Swoop official website.
  • Click on my bookings.
  • Click on online self-service
  • Enter your reservation code and last name
  • Pay the change of flight charges, if needed
  • Get confirmation on the cancellation of tickets.

Call: Passengers can call on the customer service number of Swoop Airlines 1-587-441-1001 or 1-802-357-7082 to change their booking, know more about Swoop manage my booking, the further process, and request assistance with a change of flights. Here, You can choose to speak to a person from customer service directly and get the flight changed.

At the Airport: you can change your flight at the Swoop airline counter at the Airport. You can request the airline counter staff to change your flight and reschedule it according to your preference.

Can you change your flight booking date with Swoop?

Yes, if you want to change your flight date with Swoop Airlines according to Swoop's updated flight change policies. 

What is Swoop airline's flight change policy?

 Swoop Airlines has described the flight change policy on the official website for passengers to read and know how easily they can change their flight if needed. According to Swoop airlines flight change policy :

  • You can change your flight within 24 hours of booking, without paying any change fee, with a full refund.

  • If changes are made 72 hours before, and less than seven days before departure of the scheduled flight, a change fee of $150 will be payable per passenger.

  • If changes are made before 168 hours, and more than seven days before departure of the scheduled flight, a change fee of $100 will be payable per passenger.

  • Change of flights will be subject to the availability of seats on your preferred flight and other terms and conditions of Swoop Airlines.

Does it cost money to change flights on Swoop?

Yes, if you change your flight on Swoop Airlines, you may have to pay the change fee, which can vary between $150 to $100. After the expiry of 24 hours of risk-free time, change of flights will be chargeable by Swoop.

What is the change fee on Swoop?

  • If you change within 24 hours of booking, you can change your flight for free.

  • If you change your flight 72 hours before, but less than 7 days before departure of your scheduled flight, $150 will be charged per passenger for a change of flights

  • If you change your flight 168 days and more than 7 days before the scheduled flight's departure, you will have to pay $100 per passenger for a change of flight.

What if Swoop airlines changes my flight? 

Sometimes, due to security constraints, airport issues, busy traffic on the runway, etc., Swoop airlines have to reschedule a flight. Swoop will inform you about the rescheduling through your contact number and email id and will provide you with the new travel itinerary. If you are not willing to take the rescheduled flight, which is more than three hours away, or any next available flight, you can go for a new booking or cancel your Swoop Airlines flight ticket with a full refund.

 How many times can I reschedule my Swoop flight?

You can change your Swoop flight as many times as you need to with the payment of change fees according to the flight change policy of Swoop Airlines. For more information, you can reach the official website of Swoop airlines flight change phone number for customer service.

How long before can I change my Swoop flight?

You can change your Swoop flight till 24 hours before departure. No changes will be permitted if less than 24 hours before the scheduled flight, except for a few exceptions.