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How do I contact Avis customer service?

In order to contact Avis car rental customer service, Dial an official toll-free number 1 (800) 352-7900 or 1-802-327-8023 and talk to the representative team, once the call gets connected. 

Avis is amongst the top car rental companies in the USA. Avis provides amazing offers on its cars to make them affordable for its customers. Avis also provides amazing services to its customers to help them in renting a car in a hassle-free way. 

Avis also provides great customer support with its highly experienced customer service team. Avis Car Rental Customer Service helps the customers with every issue and tries to resolve it within no time. The customer support team of Avis is highly cooperative and it gives the best possible answer for every query. Avis also allows the customers to speak to a live representative for instant support. So the customers can also get personal assistance from the customer service team of Avis car rental.

Avis Customer Service Representative- Ways to contact

  • Via Phone call

The customers of Avis car rental can contact the support team via call at 802-327-8023 for instant assistance. This is the easiest way to connect with an Avis live agent. To contact the support team via call, customers just need to call on the customer service number of Avis. To get a solution for their issues, Avis customers need to follow the instructions given to them carefully.

  • Email

Avis customers can also contact the customer service team through email custserv@avis.com. for getting their issues resolved. Avis customer service email support will not be able to provide instant help to the customers. But the customers will surely get a perfect solution for their issue.

How do I speak to someone at Avis?

When it comes to speaking to someone at Avis, you need to dial 1-800-352-7900. Now you need to wait till your call gets connected with the Avis representatives. For further processing just go through the Avis phone menu mentioned below:

  • To make a new reservation, press 1
  • To return your car, press 2
  • For billing info, press 3
  • To speak to a representative, press 4.
  • To go back to the main menu, press 5

What is Avis customer service number?

If you are travelling within the USA and facing any kind of issue with the Avis car rental services or booking, you can call the respective toll-free number mentioned below.

Avis USA toll-free number:

Assistance Within USA Toll-free Number
Rates and Reservations 1-800-633-3469
Customer Service 1-800-352-7900
Avis.com Assistance 1-800-230-4898
Car in the Shop? 1-866-607-1403
Profile Setup/Assistance 1-800-722-5909
Avis Car Sales 1-833-836-6630
Privacy 1-866-284-7669

How do I contact Avis by email? 

If you are required to resolve any query, You can drop an email at custserv@avis.com. It's an official email id for Avis car rental customer service.

Steps to Contact Avis Customer Service Representative by Using Email:

  • Surf the browser on your laptop or mobile.
  • Open your mail account.
  • Click on the compose a mail.
  • Enter the mail id into the To section.
  • Then write the subject for mailing.
  • Write your queries in the body part of the mail.
  • then at last click on the send button.

Is Avis customer service 24/7?

Avis Car Rental provides 24/7 customer support to help their customers by providing instant assistance. The customers can call on the customer service number anytime for assistance. They will surely get immediate help on their issue from Avis Car Rental Customer Service. To fetch more details, customers can check out the official website of Avis Car Rental.


How do I talk to a person at Avis?

If you need to talk to a person at Avis, You can dial Avis car rental customer service at 1-800-352-7900  and speak with them about your concerned queries. Make sure to dial 800-962-1434 to make advance reservations via phone. For speech and the hearing-impaired person call TTY/TDD 1-800-331-2323.

How do I get ahold of Avis customer service?

To get a hold of Avis customer service, please make a call at 800-354-2847 or contact by mail at custserv@avis.com. 

Does Avis do a credit check?

YES, Avis does provide the customers with the option of credit check because a credit check is required to rent with a debit card that to along with two forms of identifications. Also, it costs a $100 hold fee that applies with prepared rentals for customers. Does Avis do a credit check, is it required to rent a debit card, & most importantly, the deposit amount varies from location to location.

How much does Avis hold on your credit card?

According to Avis, the hold on cost on a customer’s credit card is around $200 & if in case you are carrying a prepaid debit card, then the hold is only $100 for the customers. But it generally depends upon how differentially it varies from time to time.

Does Avis car rental accept debit cards?

Yes, Avis car rental company always accept debit card payment from the customer because it helps them to get their transactions done with effectiveness & they need to wipe off the debit card, or there can also make payment online by contacting the booking & after that they need to provide the details of debit card & proceed with the online debit card payment.

Does Avis car rental include insurance?

No, Avis car rental does not provide their customers with insurance because their cars that are for the service of customers already have been insured with all the documentation before they are permitted to be picked by their riders.

But you have to ensure that you will carefully handle the ride you have chosen for your travel trip. Then again, Avis gives responsibility inclusion to every one of the vehicles as needed by the nearby laws, and the inclusion provided by Avis is just applied after the tenant's protection that has been utilized to cover all that it can do.

What forms of payment does Avis accept?

There are many services of payment that Avis will accept by customers; those modes are cash, debit card payment, cheque card that is in the same manner of a credit card any & sometimes it also accepts the online payments with the cash app.

Does Avis charge a deposit?

Yes. You need to deposit an amount of $200 as security money plus the rental charges if you want to take an Avis car on rent. You will get the deposit money only when you return the car. As soon as you return the car to the company, they will initiate the refund of unused money in your bank account.

How long does it take for Avis to return the deposit? 

Avis initiates the refund just after you return the vehicle in its original condition. If the car is undamaged, the company gives the refund money within 24 hours of the return. However, it may take up to 5-10 days to reflect the account, depending on your bank.

Therefore, you should wait for ten business days once you return the Avis car after using it. After that, you can make an inquiry about your refund from the customer service of Avis.

Can someone else drop off my Avis rental car?

Yes. You can send someone else to drop off your rental car at Avis. The only condition is that the other person should return the car with original paperwork and all sets of keys given.

Also, the name of other drivers should be given in the rental agreement to get the benefit of insurance.

Can my spouse pick up my Avis rental car?

No. If you have booked an Avis car under your name, only you can go to pick it up. You need to show the driving license and credit card for the verification, and then only you can pick the car.

How do I return an Avis car after hours? 

If you want to return an Avis car outside regular working hours, you have to sign out the car independently. You can choose the following steps to complete this process:

  • Via Email
  • Via Telephone
  • Via given Form

You can find the contact details on the official website of Avis. If the returned car is damaged, you will not get any deposit money back. Try to return the car in the business hour of the company to talk about insurance and other policies in such cases.

Does Avis have a grace period? 

Yes. You get a grace period of 29 minutes. After 30 minutes, you have to pay the hourly charges. A full day late fee will be applied if you are late by 90 minutes.

So, these are some of the commonly asked questions on Avis car rentals. If you have any doubt about the return procedure or does Avis charges a deposit, you can contact the customer service of Avis from the official website.