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How Do I Contact Enterprise Customer Service?

In order to connect with someone at the Enterprise car rental, Calling the customer support team at 1-802-327-8023 would be a quick option. The customer service agents are available to take your call and provide details regarding your concern. All you need to do is dial the enterprise customer service number. Calling on this number will connect you with customer support at Enterprise so that you are able to converse regarding your problem, issues, concern, queries, or doubts.

Enterprise Customer Service & Support Phone Number 

Assistance Type Phone Number
Customer Service 1-855-266-9565
Roadside Assistance 1-800-307-6666
Enterprise Plus® Member Services 1-866-507-6222
Customers with Disabilities 1-866-225-4284
Enterprise Car Rental Reservations Phone Number 1-855-266-9289
For TTY devices users 1-866-534-9270

By using the Enterprise customer service phone number, You can easily get in touch with the representatives.

How do I speak to someone at Enterprise?

If anyone wants to speak with Enterprise real person, You need to dial 1-802-327-8023. Now you need to stay on the line to speak to someone at Enterprise car rental. (TFN for Less waiting time).

Enterprise customer service phone menu:

  • Press 1 for office hours and address.
  • Press 2 for the new reservation.
  • Press 3 to confirm, cancel or modify your reservation.
  • Press 4, If you have lost the keys, have a flat tire or the vehicle has a mechanical issue.
  • Press 5 to extend your rental.
  • Press 6 for current or previous rental information.
  • Press 7 if you are a person with disabilities
  • Press 8 to return to the main menu.

More Ways to Contact Enterprise Customer Service

  • Via Phone call support
  • Via email service
  • Via live chat
  • Via social media

Drop an Email 

The customer service department at Enterprise could also be reached through email at care@enterprise.com

Connect through Live Chat

Getting in touch with the Enterprise customer service through the live chat option is a quick, instant, and easy method.  All you are required to do is visit the official website of Enterprise and there you will find the contact us window. Click on that and then click on the Live chat option. An enterprise customer service representative will join the chat at once. You could ask for rental prices or if you have any other general query then connecting through the Live chat option is still a better idea. 

Live chat is a go-to option that is available out there to provide help or assistance with things that are related to car rentals. Live chat is readily available and works round the clock to provide ultimate assistance and support to the consumers. 

How do I talk to a person at Enterprise?

If you need to talk to a real person at Enterprise customer service, Must dial 1-855-266-9565 or 1-802-327-8023(toll-free) phone number. Now to connect with a representative, You have to stay on the line for few minutes. (Usually waiting time is around 2 to 3 minutes).

How do I reach a person at Enterprise?

If someone wants to reach a live person at Enterprise via phone, Dial the customer service phone number 1-855-266-9565 and stay on the line till your call gets connected with the Enterprise real agents. Here you will be able to get quick help and support to sort all your queries related to Enterprise car rental.

What is the 800 for Enterprise Rent a Car? 

If you would like to rent a car at Enterprise then you may give a call on the toll-free number is 1-800-307-6666.  This is the Roadside assistance for Enterprise car rentals.

In case of an emergency, you can give a call on 800-307-6666 this will connect you with the roadside assistance team at Enterprise. This is eventually the best resort that users may have as far as dealing with emergency situations is concerned.

How do I contact Enterprise without a rent list?

As customers, you could easily give a call on the helpline number (800)264-6350. There is yet another option available that allows users a scope to get in touch with the customer service professionals at Enterprise. All you are required to do is write to company headquarters. The address of the addressee is mentioned right below: 

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 600 Corporate Park Drive.

St. Louise, MO 63105.


Can one rent a car with Enterprise rental car during the pandemic?

The travelers looking for the details on enterprise rental car booking during a pandemic can go through the booking details provided below to plan their trip accordingly. 

Car rental process of Enterprise during the pandemic

Well, during these tough times, the Enterprise rental process remains the same. To confirm the car rental service, the traveler can either confirm the service online, using the mobile app, or by reaching out to the customer service. 

Moreover, to ensure social distancing, the agency has introduced an advanced check-in service to offer a faster and low-touch rental experience to travelers. 

How to Rent a car with enterprise?

  • Go to the official page, click on the Reservations tab and opt for the car rental option from the drop-down menu. 
  • Then, provide the pick-up location with the date and time.
  • Further, provide return location with date and time. 
  • After that, provide the driver's age details and select a vehicle class. 
  • Further, check for the availability of the vehicle and confirm the booking. 

A year later the outbreak of Coronavirus, the experience of car renting has been quite different. Previously, the travelers used to rent the cars at a very high cost, but since the pandemic happened, the fare of the rented service has decreased dramatically. Also, to offer travelers the best experience in this post-pandemic period, car rental agencies have introduced special services and fares for their customers. 

Does Enterprise offer pickup services during COVID?

As per the new guidelines, the enterprise is limiting its free pick-up services to a number of locations. Also, one can check out the response page to get more info on the does enterprise offer pickup services during COVID.

Can one prepay for enterprise services?

Yes as per the official site, the traveler can prepay for renting a car and save up to 10 percent on the fare.

Can I pick up my Enterprise rental car late?

Yes sometimes, you can be late for picking up your Enterprise rental car. You can pick up your Enterprise car 1 hour after the reserved timing. If you reach after 1 hour, then the availability of the vehicle is difficult.

Does Enterprise have a grace period?

Definitely yes. Enterprise car rental does provide a grace period to the customers who encounter any of the issues such as traffic or medical emergency. The grace period is generally 29 minutes for daily rentals. If the time taken is more than 29 minutes, then they will be charged more amounts for that.

Does Enterprise put a hold on your card?

Yes, Enterprise does put a hold on your card for any obvious reason. The penalty will include the full cost of the car rental along with the security amount. This penalty will be removed once you return their car. The whole amount of car rental will be returned to you excluding the security amount.

How much does enterprise hold on your credit card?

The Enterprise car rental will hold your credit card $200 as a security in case of an accident, late return, or additional fuel charge. Once you return the car to them, you will get your credit card back. The hold will notify your rental rate plus a security deposit. The main reason behind holding your credit card is to keep your amount as security. The credit card will be returned back to you once you return the car on time.

How do I complain about Enterprise Renting a car?  

In order to post a complaint about the Enterprise services or for feedback, users are recommended to stick to the following means that are as follows: 

  • You can connect using the call option to get in touch with someone at Enterprise. 
  • For feedback and complaints, users may utilize the email option which is available on the official website of Enterprise. Deliver your email to care@enterprise.com.
  • Also, you can leave a tweet on the Enterprise customer care Twitter handle. 

What is the toll-free number for Enterprise Rent a Car? 

The toll-free number for Enterprise rent a car is mentioned down below:

  • For customer service and support: 1-855-266-9565.

  • For Enterprise Plus Member: 1-866-507-6222. 

  • Customers with disabilities are required to give a call on the helpline number 1-866-225-4284.

What is a drop fee Enterprise? 

A drop charge refers to a fee that is charged by Enterprise in case of different pick-up and return points.

If you happen to pick up a vehicle from one point or location and return it to a different location, in such a case, you have to pay some extra charge to Enterprise. 

For more details, users are advised to get in touch with the customer service department at Enterprise who will guide you as far as the dropping fee is concerned.

Why is enterprise charging a drop fee? 

One of the main reasons that Enterprise or any other car rentals in the USA charges an extra drop fee is because of the fact that they want to dissuade customers from making reservations for one way. Eventually, by levying a drop fee Enterprise is able to earn more profits as more and more lessees tend to make reservations for a round trip.

How can I avoid the Enterprise drop fee? 

In case you wish to avoid the Enterprise drop fee then you may resort to making round trip reservations with Enterprise. This way you can save on the Enterprise drop fee. This is the only way out.

How do I cancel my Enterprise membership? 

You may speak with or talk to an Enterprise Live person. This is one of the best things that lessees could do in order to cancel their Enterprise membership.

Can I leave my personal car at Enterprise? 

Yes, you can leave or park your car at the Enterprise lot, if you rent a car from Enterprise. 

Moreover, you could Speak to someone at Enterprise, for getting in touch with the customer service professionals lessees have the following options available that are as follows: talk on the helpline number, connect through an email or over the mailing address.