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How do I contact National Car Rental?

If you wish to contact National car rental across the USA, you must dial 800 962 7070 or 802-327-8023(toll-free) helpline number and get immediate assistance. You may also contact via email services provided by National car rental for assistance.

National Car Rental Customer Service Phone Number Details:

  • The reservations phone number for the USA: 844 382 6875 
  • The reservations phone number for Canada: 844 307 8014
  • Customer service phone number for the USA: 844 393 9989
  • Customer service phone number for Canada: 844 307 8015
  • Roadside assistance helpline number for the USA: 800 367 6767
  • Roadside assistance helpline number for Canada: 800 268 9711
  • Business rental customer support number: 877-881-5500
  • Helpline number for customers with disabilities: 888 273 5262 and, email is  MobilityAdministration@ehi.com.

Ways to contact National Car Rental

National Car rental provides a different way for their customer to connect with them. You can simply direct the methods mentioned below to get National Car rental customer service. You can even choose according to the situation you are in. 

  • National car rental via the phone number 

If you want a prompt answer, then you can opt for this method. With this, you can manage the situation by booking and accessing more services. Even to make it more accessible, they come up with a special number. It means a person with a disability can contact them and get the solution. You can choose the region and choose the number according to that. 

  • National car rental via Email 

Email is another great option to connect. You can just go with it at any moment; you can find the official Email directly from the official website. Next, you can even share the feedback and suggestion and get a quick response. 

How do I get the best deal on a National rental car?

If you are looking for deals on National rental cars to make your traveling easier and budget-friendly, then go with the below-mentioned point. 

  • Look for last-minute special 

Always check the last-minute deals, as it can help you to grab some car without bearing the high cost. Though, you have to react fast as this offer does not remain for a long period. 

  • Partner reward program 

You can leverage the partner program too to grab an offer at any moment. For this, you need to purchase the program, and you will be provided with regular updates and offers. 

Is National a good car rental company?

While booking a car with a car rental, a person looks for many things like car service, cost, and features and deals. It is very challenging to find them all in one company, but you can get all of these with National car rental. They do everything to make your trip more budget-friendly. 

Is it cheaper to rent a National car at the airport?

If you are wondering that Hire National car rental is expensive or not, then it is not. Here you can do many things that are discussed below to make it cheaper.

  • Get the National car rental program 

You have to purchase the program, and whenever you book a car, you will get assured returns. So it will down the price more. 

  • Use points to book 

When you travel a lot with a national car, then they provide some points that you can use during booking or accessing additional services. If you opt for any other method, then you might have to bear high charges. 

Now, you can see that getting a car from National car rental is cheap and you do not have to worry about the support part too. 

How do I redeem my National Car Rental Free Day?

To redeem the National car rental free day, you have to direct some steps. 

  • First of all, go to the official page of the National car
  • Next, click on the “redeem coupon.” 
  • Here you will be provided with some information that you have to mention, and click on the submit option 
  • You have to wait for the response, and once you get it, then your redeem process is over 

Is national and Enterprise the same company?

Yes, national car rentals are owned by the holding of the Enterprise. Even if you are qualified with national car rental transactions, you can use them for Enterprise. Many other things are common among them and make them a single car rental company. 

Can I return a National car to Enterprise?

Yes, you can return a national car to Enterprise. Both of them are working as a single firm and even their transaction is common, so you can run such a process. After completing this, make sure you go to the emerald club profile and set your award selection into the frequent traveler credit option. 

Can I use my National account with Enterprise?

Yes, in many cases, you can do this. But, still, there is some restriction like you cannot redeem the national club free day with Enterprise, you have to do this with the official national website only. To know the things, you can connect with a person at National or Enterprise.