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How do I get a hold of Air NZ?

Whether you have a flight-related or airport-related query, you can get hold of Air NZ anytime by connecting with the airline's customer service team at 1-800-262-1234 or 802-357-7082. While calling Air NZ, keep your booking reference number and family name used at the time of original booking ready with you. For further information about your trip, feel free to connect with our special assistance team in New Zealand at 0800 737 000.

However, If you are calling from overseas, You can dial the Air NZ Airlines contact phone number +64 (0)9 357 3000 and follow the procedure below to contact Air NZ over the phone call.

Steps to get a hold of Air New Zealand airlines 

  • Dial the Air New Zealand customer service phone number 1-800-262-1234 or alternate number 802-357-7082.

  • After the call gets connected, press one to opt for the English language

  • Choose the most appropriate option on the other side

  • Say talk to a live agent; as soon as you get a live agent option

  • Now once connected, you are free to talk about your queries 

In addition to the phone number, you can also opt for other contact options to get a hold of Air NZ. Here are the details of other contact options for your reference; you can access these from the support page of the airline.

How do I get through Air New Zealand?

Passengers who are wondering how do I get through Air New Zealand Must dial the Air New Zealand customer service toll-free number 0800 737 000, If you are calling from overseas then make sure to dial +64 (0)9 357 3000. The hearing impaired travelers can contact through NZ Relay using NZSLText Relay, or Caption Relay as well as TTY services. If you require any special assistance during or before the travel, then you need to go through Air New Zealand's special assistance phone number 0800 737 000.

Air NZ customer support options 

Chat support: The chatbot of Air NZ helps you to solve all kinds of general queries like confirming seat selection, Airpoints balance, baggage allowance, special meals, etc. You can click on the chatbot link and share your message with Oscar. If you wish to speak to the live agent, you can type live agent on the message box and follow the instructions on the screen.

Email support: Whether you have any questions about the flight or if there is something you didn't like, you can share it with the airline anytime via email. You can use the Air New Zealand email address available on the support page to share your email with the airline. To begin with, you can click on the email us link available on the support page and follow the instructions to complete the procedure.

Mailing address: You need to use the mail support only when nothing works. It is quite a time-taking process. You can send the mail to share any complaint copy, hardcopy, or important documents with the airline.

Social Media: Air NZ agents are available 24/7 on the airline's social media pages. Whether you need to share any direct message or post the query on the timeline, you can use the social media handle of the airline anytime.


What's the phone number for Air New Zealand? 

If you need to contact Air New Zealand over the phone, the airline provides several phone numbers based on area and department wise. You can get the air new Zealand contact number by visiting the official site online. There locate the contact us section to get all the phone numbers. Whether you wish to get phone numbers within the USA or other regions, you can get them all by visiting the phone number page online. Here are some inquiries you can get help with by calling on Air NZ phone numbers.

Air New Zealand Contact Phone Number:

  • Flight inquiries  0800 737 000

  • General baggage-related inquiries 1-866-767-2247 

  • Special Assistance Enquiries  0800 737 000

  • Contact us page for worldwide contact details +64 (0)9 366 2929

  • Airpoints inquiries  0800 247 764

  • Sales, reservations & inquiries 1-800-262-1234

You can get another phone number by visiting the official site Of air New Zealand. You can choose the number based on your needs and requirements.

Is Air NZ Open 24 hours? 

Yes, Air NZ is open 24 hours, including weekends and public holidays. You can get the number by visiting the official site and then the customer support page of the airline anytime. However, in some locations, Air New Zealand contact hours might vary. You can get the details from the official site or by calling air new Zealand customer service.

How do I contact Airpoints NZ? 

  • To contact Air New Zealand for Airpoints inquiries, feel free to dial toll-free number  1-800-262-1234 for the USA and (0800 247 764) for NZ.
  • Once, it gets connected select the language to communicate.

  • Now listen carefully to the IVR, and go ahead with the most similar option.

  • You get a live agent option soon after a few instructions; select that.

  • Wait on the call, and as soon as you get connected, you are free to discuss your queries

So you can contact Airpoints NZ anytime by calling its customer care number. However, in addition to the phone call, you can chat with the OSCAR(chatbot of Air NZ) to get answers to general queries. Else you can also visit the official site airlines to contact Air NZ representatives 24/7 on the social media page.

About Air New Zealand Airpoints

Airpoints is a loyalty program of Air New Zealand, and anyone worldwide can join it. If you are an Airpoints member, you earn Airpoints dollars on the eligible air new Zealand flight, partner airlines, and star alliance flights. You can spend your Airpoints dollar on flight and upgrade. Besides, if you have any issues and wish to contact Airpoints NZ, you can follow the procedure below.

What is the best time to call Air NZ? 

Air NZ is available 24/7 to take care of your queries and doubts. However, it is believed by the experienced customer that the best time to call is early morning from 4 m to 7 m which is the call center time zone for 24/7 hotlines. You can also call the airlines on Air NZ 0800 number immediately as the call center opens. The call volumes are limited during these hours, and you can connect to the airline immediately. Besides, if you call late during weekends, there is an increased chance for your call to be answered promptly.