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How do I get a response from Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Airways listens to its passengers. Suppose you have made any complaints or queries by any means like you have contacted the Lufthansa customer service department via email, contact form, Live Chat, or Lufthansa customer service phone number. In that case, you will be responded to by the customer service department via the same mode. The response time may vary depending on the method and your concern type. Generally, Lufthansa contacts you within 24 hours of making requests. If you have opted to call, then your concern may be resolved in the meantime. 

To get a fast response from Lufthansa, you should opt to dial 580-645-3880 or +1 (516) 738-4422, a live agent will get in touch with you and give you a quick response to your concerned matter.

How long does it take for Lufthansa customer service to respond?

For general feedback, compliments, and complaints, you will receive a response within two weeks of receipt of your feedback. If you have flight or management-related concerns, the Lufthansa customer service will likely take 24-72 hours to respond to your queries. It depends on your concern matter. Lufthansa always keeps its customers' concerns on its top priority. Lufthansa finds out that your concern is legitimate, and it needs time to analyze or needs some administrational support and needs to go through some inhouse administrational process. Then, they might take a long time to solve your query to ensure there is a fair decision belonging to their valuable customers.

How do I contact Lufthansa Reservations?

Lufthansa has made the reservations process seamless so that you can book your desired flight and plan your trip by visiting lufthansa.com, or you can contact Lufthansa reservations phone number +1800-645-3880 or 580-645-3880 to make your reservations. If you face any difficulties in managing your flight, you can ask the Lufthansa customer service department for your assistance and guidance—easy-to-follow steps to contact via phone.

  • Dial the given number 580-645-3880 on your mobile.

  • Follow the usual call process.

  • Press the buttons according to your choice of services.

  • Talk to the Lufthansa Customer service representative.

What happens if Lufthansa loses my luggage?

In such cases where you have not received your luggage, you can report this on the Lufthansa website, or if you are at the airport, then visit the airport baggage tracing window. After that, the concerned staff will start tracing your Baggage, and once found, they will take a little extra time for further internal processes and customs clearance. Finally, you can pick it up at the airport, or you can even deliver your Baggage to your home.

How do I contact Lufthansa Airlines 24 hours?

You can contact Lufthansa Airlines any time on their helpline number, Live Chat, website, or Mobile App. Lufthansa customer service 24 hours there for you to provide their helping hands to the customers and assists them at every step of their travel journey. 

How long is Lufthansa delayed Baggage?

Lufthansa always works to make sure that you get your Baggage as soon as you arrive. Generally, people get their Baggage within five days or less. In such rare cases where you have yet to receive your Baggage within five days or less of reporting the delay, they will require a detailed report of your Baggage and its items to begin a thorough search. To do this, you can fill out the list of items on your baggage status webpage that you will be able to access after five days of reporting. 

  • Visit lufthansa.com

  • Scroll down to the footer menu and choose Baggage.

  • Scroll down and find "problems with your baggage."

  • Click on it and navigate to find and select "Report Delayed Baggage."

  • You will be redirected to the baggage report portal, where you need to fill in your flight and Baggage related details and submit it.

  • Soon, you will receive a Baggage reference number, which will help you to track the status of your Baggage.

What is Lufthansa's special assistance phone number?

When you book your flight to your destinations, Lufthansa helps you with some additional services that you can choose on the ground and during your flight. You can call the Lufthansa customer service team at +1800-XXX-3880 to do that. By just following the primary process, you can enjoy your flight with the choice of service in Lufthansa's excellence.

Lufthansa's special assistance phone number is +1800-645-3880. Remember to let them know what assistance or services you require at least 48 hours before your flight departure to make sure you receive the best assistance. They can no longer guarantee the support if you have registered at very short notice.

What is the 24 hour rule Lufthansa?


  1. For every booked trip, Lufthansa will allow customers to hold on to their tickets for 24 hours made with Lufthansa's telephone reservations center without payments.

  2. If you have purchased online, then you can cancel your tickets within a day by contacting Lufthansa customer service hours any day without penalty. 

  3. If you have booked your flights that are seven days or more prior to the take-off, then you may be allowed to cancel your tickets without any penalties up to 24 hours after the reservation is made.

How do I make a claim with Lufthansa?

Flight disruptions and delays can ruin your plans and mood. Suppose you booked a flight with Lufthansa, and due to some unnatural reasons, your flight got canceled. You can request a compensation claim for your flight ticket. You can do this in some ways, as discussed below. 

You can either choose to write and send your claim request to Lufthansa's customer service email: customer.relations@lufthansa.com or make a claim by filling a claim by visiting lufthansa.com and going to the help tab. There, you have to choose your request by finding and selecting "compensation claim after flight disruption." A form page will open; simply enter the required details and submit it. Soon, Lufthansa's concern department will respond and contact you as soon as possible.