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How do I get hold of easyJet customer service?

EasyJet provides several mediums to their customers in case they want to contact them for help. To get a hold of EasyJet customer service, you can use the following communication channels:

Steps for getting a hold of EasyJet customer service:

People find phone service the most convenient and straightforward approach to solving their problems while talking to customer service. You can speak to the customer service of EasyJet, and you can take the following steps:

  • Go to the website of EasyJet on your browser, www.easyjet.com.

  • Look for the Help section on the menu bar.

  • You will have the Contact us option beneath it in the drop-up menu. Click on it.

  • In the Contact and support page, go to the Call us section and look for its customer support number.

  • You can call them at EasyJet customer service number free, +44 (0) 330 5515151.

  • While your call gets connected, you will get the IVR instructions which are as follows:

  • Press 1 for language selection.

  • Press 2 for flight status.

  • Press 3 for new bookings and reservations.

  • Press 4 for more options.

  • Press # to speak to the live agent of EasyJet.

  • You can press the same keys on your keypad as they instruct you and get a hold of them via phone.

How do I get through to EasyJet? 

For getting through to EasyJet customer service, calling would be the best approach. You can call EasyJet at +44 (0) 330 5515151 and get through them. Their agent will come in touch with them as soon as they can over the medium. Talk nicely and put your query in simple language in front of them. They will provide you with the information that you want. The EasyJet customer service hours are from Monday to Sunday between 07:00 to 22:00 (GMT).

To get through EasyJet, you can contact their customer agent on several platforms. You can speak to them and get the answer to your query. The different modes to get through EasyJet are as follows:

Through chat support:

You can chat with their agents to get the information as you take the reference in the followings steps:

  • Navigate through the website of EasyJet.

  • Click on the Help option.

  • Go to the Contact Us option beneath it.

  • Look for the Chat to us category to get the chatbot to chat with them.

  • Click on the link, and the chatbot will appear with the virtual assistant to assist you.

  • You can get the latest information from the chatbot. It will connect you to their live agent between 7:00 to 22:00 daily if it fails to answer your questions.

Through social media:

You can get them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are consistently posting the latest updates about their flights and deals on these platforms. You can use your account on these social media channels to approach them and speak to them. You can write them in the message section or reach out to them via tweet. The agents are quick and alert on these platforms, and they respond to the customers professionally to give a satisfactory answer.

Through the Contact form:

A contact form is available for the customers. Along with the EasyJet customer service phone number,

To get the contact form of EasyJet, you can take the following steps:

  • Search for the website of EasyJet on your search engine.

  • Click on the Help and then on the Contact Us option.

  • Now click on the View contact form on the support page.

  • Please enter your details, such as name and contact information. Proceed to enter your booking reference and other details. 

  • Type or select your question and write your complaint or query in the description box.

  • The EasyJet team will try to reach you within 28 days with the appropriate response.

Is there an email address for EasyJet? 

Yes. To resolve their customers' problems, if a person wants to contact EasyJet customer service via email, they provide an email to get their queries. You can write a question mentioning booking references and personal and flight information and send it to customer.support@easyjet.com. 

How long does EasyJet take to reply to emails?

EasyJet tries to respond to queries via email within 30 days. But there are times when specific questions are urgent and require immediate action. In that case, your query answer can be delayed by a few more days. If you have sufficient time and your query is not that urgent, you can email and wait patiently for their response. Otherwise, you can try to reach them via EasyJet's free phone number and other modes.