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How Do I Use My Allegiant Voucher?

You can use your Allegiant voucher in several ways; however, the ideal option is to purchase a new itinerary. If you don't know how to book a ticket using a voucher, the steps below are for your reference. 

  • Open the official site of Allegiant air and go to the Booking page
  • Provide the booking information, which includes departure and arrival location along with dates and number of passengers, and then hit the search button
  • The list of available flights will display on your screen; choose the most suitable option to proceed further 
  • On the passenger details page, provide your full name, contact details, etc.; click next
  • On the payment page, you need to enter the voucher details to make the payment
  • In case your voucher value does not cover the total amount, you can pay the rest amount using other acceptable payment option
  • After you complete the booking, you get a confirmation email from the airline.

Following the instructions above, you can use your voucher anytime. Moreover, if you face any issue or struggle through the process, speak to the allegiant air team directly.

How do I use a voucher on Allegiant? 

You can use a voucher on Allegiant Air to make a new booking. Besides, you can also apply credit vouchers and dollar-off vouchers for payment during booking. You can check the link that says 'Apply an allegiant voucher on the payment page and enter your voucher number. By clicking on the tab 'Apply Voucher,' you can use the voucher successfully.

Furthermore, apart from using your voucher, you should also go through the various terms and conditions associated with your voucher.

Allegiant Voucher's terms and conditions 

  • Allegiant air doesn't issue a voucher or refund if you are marked as a No-show. Besides, you are not eligible for a voucher if you don't cancel the booking within the standard period.
  • Allegiant doesn't issue a voucher if you rebook the flight by paying the fare difference. The airline is not responsible for providing vouchers or refunds in case of a fare difference.
  • Allegiant air recalculates the booking amount after deducting booking charges, carrier charges, or cancellation fees and provides the remaining value as the Allegiant voucher refund.
  • Allegiant doesn't charge the cancellation fee if you book a Trip flex fare. The voucher you get remains non-returnable and non-transferable, and you can use it to book your new itinerary only.
  • If you book any Trip flex ticket using your allegiant voucher, the changes are based on the time frame and the fare rules applied.
  • If you cancel the Trip flex ticket within 24 hours of ticket purchase, you get a full refund against cancellation. However, if you don't want a refund, you can ask for a travel voucher.
  • Vouchers you received for cancelling trip flex fares have the validity of two years from the date of issuance. You cannot extend the voucher's validity even if you have a Trip flex ticket.
  • If you purchase a ticket from a third party, you need to contact them directly for a refund and vouchers. Allegiant Air is not responsible in this case.

Can I cash in my Allegiant voucher?

No ! As per the Allegiant Air voucher terms and conditions, you can not redeem your voucher for cash. You can use the voucher only for flight booking and the remaining credit amount for the new booking. The voucher is valid for one year from the original booking date, so until it expires, you can only use it for a flight booking.

How do I find my Allegiant voucher?

After you apply for the Allegiant voucher, the airline sends you a copy of the voucher to your email address and the reservation file. You can check the voucher details in the inbox. However, if you cannot access your voucher details, you can log in to your myAllegiant account and retrieve the details. Besides that, you can also send an email to the airline for voucher details. In addition to that, you can also log into Manage travel or download the Allegiant App for Android or iPhone. 

How do I redeem my Allegiant Air voucher?

You can redeem your Allegiant Air voucher when booking a flight online. Here you can follow the procedure below if you have any confusion.

  • Go to the booking page of Allegiant Air online. 
  • There you can provide all the booking details and search for fight 
  • You need to select the most suitable option for the list of available flights
  • Go to the booking link, fill in all the passenger's details
  • On the payment page, select the option 'Apply an allegiant voucher."
  • Provide the voucher details and click on 'Apply voucher.'

You can follow the instructions on the screen and then complete the booking using the Allegiant voucher. Besides, in case you wonder how to get an Allegiant voucher, here you can check the hacks below,

Get Allegiant voucher 

For ticket cancellation 

If Allegiant air cancels your ticket because of some extraordinary situation, the airline provides you with a voucher on your account. You can also claim a voucher if you decide to cancel the flight on your end.

For Credit card purchase

  • The airline gives you extra leverage when you make a booking or purchase extra using our card.
  • You can purchase your ticket using a credit card or debit card to claim the Allegiant voucher in your name.

Direct Purchase

  • Always try purchasing the voucher directly from the airline to enjoy extra perks and benefits.
  • To enjoy the voucher benefits, you must first create an Allegiant air account.

Can I use an Allegiant voucher for someone else?

You cannot use the Allegiant voucher for someone else, as it is not transferable. If you pay using a voucher not issued to you, it will become invalid.

Can I sell my Allegiant voucher?

No, you cannot sell your Allegiant voucher as it is non-transferable and cannot be sold. Allegiant air vouchers can be used only by the person it is issued to. Besides, you get no credit, and your ticket will be invalid if you pay using the other voucher not issued to you.

Will Allegiant extend my voucher?

No, Allegiant voucher extension COVID is not possible per its terms and conditions. Allegiant air voucher has a certain validity, and once it is expired or you don't use it before expiry, it's not possible to extend it further. However, you can still speak to an Allegiant Air representative and check if they can help you with this. The chances are rare, but there is no harm. 

How long is an Allegiant voucher good for?

The Allegiant air voucher has one to two years' validity, and you must use it before that. Talking about Dollar-off vouchers, they are valid for two years online from issuance and only for purchasing travel products. Once the time expires, the reading value will be forfeited.

Why did Allegiant send me a voucher? 

The airline provides you a full refund when you cancel your Allegiant air booking within 24 hours of ticket purchase. If any cancellation fee applies after 24 hours, the airline sends you a credit voucher or travel voucher for the remaining value left after the deduction of the cancellation fee. 

You can get all the details of your Allegiant voucher refund on your registered email id. The Allegiant voucher you can use for future travel. You can also access the voucher details by logging in to your account online or contacting the Allegiant air representative to check your voucher details. 

Do Allegiant vouchers expire? 

Yes, the Allegiant voucher expires after a certain period. E.g., the travel vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issuance, whereas the credit voucher has a validity of two years. As per the terms and conditions of the voucher, once your voucher expires, the full value of the voucher is forfeited; you can not use it later. Besides, as vouchers are non -transferable and non-sellable, you need to use them before the expiry.

What happens if I don't use my Allegiant voucher? 

If you don't use your Allegiant Voucher within the period, it expires, and the voucher value is forfeited. So you must use your voucher within time and enjoy your new booking for almost free.