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How One Can Get a Refund From Thai Airways?

If the passengers' plans change, what can they do when flights are booked in advance? Generally, Airlines offer two options: changing the flight or rebooking. Change the flight has certain terms and conditions, so all flights can't be changed. Hence, rebooking is the only option left for most passengers. After the cancelation of the flight, passengers receive a refund.  

As per Thai airway's refund policy Flyers can send refund requests to roh.customerservices@thaiairways.com, a refund can't be carried out online. Once you request the refund, you can't make any changes.

How to reach Thai Airways to get a refund? 

Due to some issues, there is a delay in the refund, now you are worried and want to contact Thai Airways. Passengers have different ways to contact the airline. Customer support, online and at the airport, are the ways to reach and you can select anyone based on your suitability.

Customer Support: Customer support is the best way to get in touch with the Thai airline representative and request a refund immediately. To reach the customer executives, dial the Thai airways contact number +66 2-356-1111 or 802-357-7082. This helpline is available to passengers throughout the day. Make sure to follow these IVR instructions to reach the suitable customer executives:

  • Press 1 to make old and new reservations.

  • Press 2 to cancel your flight.

  • Press 4 to learn more about baggage services and other services.

  • Press 5 to request a refund from the airline.

  • Press 6 on how to check-in online.

  • Press 7 for all the concerns related to boarding the flight.

  • Press 8 to contact the live representative at the airline.

Phone number is the most approachable way to talk to the Thai Airways refund contact. 

At the Airport: Travelers can visit the airport by contacting Thai Airways. Face-to-face they can share their concerns with customer care if they have issues.

Online: There are various ways to reach customer agents online via social media networks (Twitter, Facebook), chat, and email. Let's check these media one by one and begin with the social media network.

The process to connect via social media network:

  • Initially, you are required to go to the official website of Thai Airways

  • Scroll down to the social media networks.

  • Now click on your preferred icon.

  • And you will be directed to the official page of the airline on these platforms. To connect via chat, passengers have to login into their passenger account in Thai Airways. Select the help to speak with the live representative at the airline by selecting Live Chat to solve your issues.  

Do Thai airways return my money back?

Yes, Thai Airways return the money if passengers demand a refund after the cancelation of their flights. How passengers get their money back depends on the mode of payment. If payment is made by cash/check, contact customer services. Passengers have an option for a voucher that can be used later for booking their flights.

What is Thai airway's refund policy? 

Getting a refund from the airline is easy, but you have to follow the terms and conditions in order to get the refund. Check Thai Airways' refund policy: 

  • For cancellation, there is a certain fee that a passenger has to pay based on the ticket type. For that, flyers can refer to their confirmation ticket.

  • Cancellation or changes in any part booked while buying the tickets is not possible per the conditions applied to the ticket type decided by the airline. This includes non-refundable tickets such as show tickets and theme park tickets.

  • The whole amount is charged if passengers don't show up for the flight. Once your booked flight has commenced, no refund is permitted for unused services.

  • Refunds will be credited back to the mode of payment made by the passengers after deducting the refund fee. Refund processing time depends on the credit card issuing bank.

How do I get a refund from the Thai Airways voucher? 

Instead of money, a travel voucher refund is granted to travelers through the online refund system. The refund amount must be used before March 31, 2024. After the Request is submitted, passengers will receive an automatic email acknowledgment of the Request for a travel voucher.

Follow the process to apply for a refund voucher:

  • Go to the link, https://www.thaiairways.com/en_TH/help/contact_us/request_refund_tva.page.
  • Now scroll down your screen to "Request for refund Thai travel voucher(TVA).
  • Fill in the details like Travel Voucher number, Name, and Surname.
  • And click on Next.

While rebooking your flight, you can use the voucher while buying a ticket from the official website, or in case of any doubt, you can contact customer support for the required assistance. You can also learn about the Thai airways refund status by contacting the airlines. Later, the same customer service would be used to get a refund from the Thai Airways voucher if not used.

How long does a Thai Airways refund take? 

Thai airline refund processing depends on the mode of payment. If tickets are bought by cash or check, a refund will take 20 days. If payment is made by credit card, you will receive the refund in a minimum of 7 days. Sometimes, it can be delayed due to bank issues.

Are Thai Airways paying refunds? 

Passengers who have their ticket refunds pending after the Request is confirmed. Now, passengers can exchange their refund request for a voucher that can be used when they have to buy new tickets.

Does Thai Airways offer a full refund? 

Yes, Thai airways allow a complete refund as per the Thai Airways 24-hour cancellation policy. Passengers can cancel their tickets within 24 hours and get a refund, even on non-refundable tickets. However, the scheduled departure should be seven or more days. After 24 hours, the airline charges a specific fee that is mentioned on the confirmation ticket.