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How do I get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is one of the majorly traveled airlines in the aviation industry that provides ultra-low-cost flights to several destinations. If you had a booking with Spirit that you couldn’t fly and now you are wondering that how can you get a refund from Spirit Airlines, in that case, go through the points mentioned below;

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Go to the ‘My Trips’ section.
  • Enter the required credentials regarding the flight you wish to get a refund for and proceed.
  • Check the status of your refund.
  • Click on ‘Claim Refund’ to initiate the refund procedure.
  • The refund will be provided to you in the same way you made the official payment.

Can I get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can get a refund from Spirit Airlines. Apparently, Spirit doesn’t provide any refundable tickets for its passengers; however, you can opt for a future flight credit so that your money doesn’t go to waste, and you can fly on a future date within the time span of a year if you are eligible and you meet the refund policy of Spirit Airlines.

How long does it take to get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

If you have initiated the refund procedure with Spirit Airlines then you can expect the amount to reflect in your account within the time span of 7-20 days of the working business cycle for your convenience.

How much is the spirit cancellation fee?

Spirit cancellation fee depends on the mode of cancellation of tickets. However, it charges  $90 as a cancellation fee. If you cancel your ticket at the airport or by phone then it may cost up to $100.

Does spirit allow cancellations?

Yes, Spirit Airlines does allow their passengers to cancel their reservation as the situation cannot be the same every time, and one can face some unavoidable circumstances that result in flight cancellations. Henceforth, Spirit allows flight cancellations one hour prior to your departure time.

Does Spirit have a free cancellation?

Yes, if you cancel or change your ticket for free within 60 days or before the scheduled trip.