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How Do I Get a Refund From Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines process refund, when you cancel your flight ticket because of a sudden change in plan or situations like bad weather, or passengers is not satisfied with the services or it could be lousy health of family member then in such scenarios, it is quite common that passenger cancels their ticket and they then apply for refunds simultaneously by the help of request a refund Turkish airlines, the form that you will get on the flight cancellation page only as a link tab. 

Steps to get a refund from Turkish Airlines

  • First, visit the airline's official website of Turkish airlines.
  • After that, move your cursor to the top right corner of the page and click on the sign-in option 
  • Then here you will enter the correct username/id, phone number, and password and click the Next button 
  • Now, go to the Manage my booking tab on the homepage
  • Click on the manage my booking tab and enter the ticket PNR number and last name of the passenger 
  • Click on the continue button
  • After which you will get your booking. Select your ticket and click on the edit tab
  • After that, you need to select the cancel my ticket option and mention your cancellation reason and click on the refund application form;
  • Now first in the form provide contact information of passenger like full name, email ID, phone number, city, etc
  • Then select your trip type (one-way, round trip, or multi-city)
  • After this, enter ticket details like ticket number, ticket date, and origin
  • Next, you need to select refund reason from the drop-down menu and then give an appropriate description for a refund within 1000 characters and click on the finish button
  • In the end, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the refund with a complete summary.

What is the Turkish Airlines Refund policy?

The refund procedure you have already got from the above-given information. So, for now, you must go through the Turkish airline's refund policy for covid-19if passengers cancel their reservation from airlines, you should go by the policies that provide you with appropriate guidance.

  • According to Turkish airlines refund policy, if passenger cancels their reservation under 24 hours of purchase, then they will get refunded 100% of the purchase amount 
  • And in case if passenger goes to cancel their reservation beyond the 24 hours of booking, then in that situation, deduction or cancellation charges may apply to your booking, and the rest of the amount will get refunded as e-vouchers or miles for a future booking
  • Refundable tickets are accessible at any time cancellation and refunds will be managed according to it, and if passenger cancels the ticket 2 hours before flight departure, then no refunds will get processed
  • Non-refundable tickets can be canceled within 24 hours, and entire refunds will get refunded, and after that time frame, no refunds get sanctioned to passengers.

Can I get a full refund on Turkish Airlines? 

YES, passengers are entitled to get a complete refund from Turkish Airlines if the flight cancels their reservation with a service fee or a flight change at no extra cost. If your flight has been delayed for 3 hours due to a technical issue in flight, you can claim a complete refund from Turkish Airlines, and you will have to fill an application form against it.

Will Turkish Airlines refund Cancelled flights?

If your flight gets canceled because of bad weather or by any non-occurring problem, Turkish Airlines will provide an alternative means of getting to your destination. And in case you don't want to take the alternate option for your travel, you must go by the Turkish airline's refund policy and fill out the refund application form as the airline will offer a full refund of your ticket.

How long does it take to get a refund from Turkish Airlines?

If you used a credit card, then the refund amount will get credited within 7 business days, and or tickets purchased via cash or check, then it will take 20 business days after request. Hence, to gather more information, use the Turkish airlines refund contact option, from where you will get assisted directly by an expert to resolve your refunds.