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How Do I Select Seats on Iberia?

Complete Guide on Iberia Airlines Seat Selection

Iberia Airlines, commonly known as Iberia, is the flag carrier airline of Spain that is one of the oldest operating airlines in the aviation segment. It is known for its outstanding services in scheduled passenger flights and in-flight catering.

You’ll find once in a lifetime experience while flying with Iberia as it not only provides international and domestic flights but believes in providing the best possible customer services and satisfaction to its passengers. If you made a flight booking or a reservation with Iberia and wish to have a matchless experience, knowing about the Iberia seat assignment is necessary. If you are unaware of the seat assignment procedure of Iberia, then consider yourself lucky that you are reading the following material. The following pointers will cover all the possible points on the seat assignment procedure with Iberia.

How do I get the seat assignment on Iberia?

  • With the browser's help that you find compatible, visit the official Iberia website.
  • Locate and click on the option ‘Your flights’ present in the main tab of the website.
  • It will then display different section boxes that will ask you to enter the relevant details.
  • Enter all the correct booking-related information related to your booking.
  • The following page will allow you to manage your flight tickets.
  • Now, locate the seat assignment option and click on that.
  • You can then get your seat assignment on Iberia.

What is the Iberia seat selection policy?

  • You can only book your seats in advance if you made the flight booking with the help of the official Iberia platforms.
  • Depending on availability, you can select your seat for free if you check in 24 hours before departure.
  • If you do not complete this procedure, you’ll be provided with a seat selected by Iberia.

How do I assign seats on Iberia?

If you feel the need to assign seats for your Iberia flight tickets, then the following will be quite useful;

  • If booked by Iberia- If you booked the flight tickets with the help of the Iberia website of reservations number, you could assign seats with the help of going to the official website of Iberia and going to its ‘Helpdesk’ section. You can then speak with a support associate and assign seats on Iberia.
  • If booked by another airline- As Iberia partners with different airlines, you can book your flight tickets on Iberia with several other airlines. If you booked through another airline, you’ll have to contact the respective airline for the seat assignment as Iberia wouldn’t be able to provide the seat assignment

Can you select seats on Iberia?

Yes, you can surely select your seats on Iberia Airlines. Iberia understands the importance of flying together with friends, family, or loved ones. You can make a group booking with Iberia and sit together on the flight accordingly for your convenience so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

How much does it cost to choose a seat on Iberia?

If you now have a better grasp at the seat assignment procedure of Iberia and you wonder about the Iberia seat selection cost, in that case, follow-through the below-listed points;

  1. If you book your seats in advance, it will cost you 40 dollars.
  2. If you book your seats during check-in, it will cost you 50 dollars.
  3. If you book your seats at the airport, it will cost you 55 dollars.
  4. If you book your seats for transatlantic coach flights, it will cost you 80 dollars.

Thus, the above-listed points will help you understand the topic of Iberia seat selection free, and you can fly accordingly for your convenience.

Does Iberia have lie-flat seats?

Yes, Iberia does have lie-flat seats. However, you can only find these seats on business class plus fare type with Iberia. The business class plus seats on Iberia provides access to the aisle and can be turned into an entirely flat 76-inch bed. The seat comes with access to noise-canceling headphones, a duvet, a pillow, and an amenity kit. Flying on business class plus with Iberia can be relaxing and luxurious effectively.

What is an XL seat on Iberia?

If you face the problem of ‘Iberia seat selection not being available and you wish to have a comfortable seat, opting for an XL seat on Iberia Airlines can be beneficial. If you don’t have any particular idea about the XL seat, then the following steps will help you significantly;

  • The XL seats are the closest to the emergency exit gates of Iberia Airlines.
  • It is given the name XL because these seats have more space.
  • If you wish to get the XL seats on Iberia Airlines, you’ll have to comply with the emergency exit seat policy.
  • These seats comparatively have more legroom space and are wider than other seats.

Are Iberia seats comfortable?

Yes, irrespective of the fare class of Iberia Airlines, the seats are very much comfortable. You don't need to purchase a business class ticket because all the seats on Iberia Airlines are comfortable and can provide sumptuous comfort and relaxation to the passengers who are flying for short-haul and long-haul flights.

What is a comfort class on Iberia Airlines?

The comfort class has been newly introduced on Iberia Airlines. It targets the economy fare class of Iberia Airlines. This class provides extra convenience and comfort to its passengers who wish to fly on the economy class of Iberia with extra comfort and flexibility. 

What is Iberia's economy comfort?

Iberia Airlines economy comfort focuses on the following points;

  • It mainly focuses on the economy class passengers of Iberia Airlines.
  • You can find more comfort and convenience in booking your flight tickets in advance and enjoy more flexibility.
  • This class won’t let you feel that you are flying with the economy class of Iberia Airlines.

Henceforth, all the perfectly detailed points listed above will help you with the topic of ‘how to select seats on Iberia?’ and you can now know everything there is related to the seat booking procedure of Iberia Airlines.