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Is Iberia premium economy worth it?

Yes, the Iberia premium economy is worth it. If you are getting more space and comfort by paying some more buck, then why not? Booking Iberia premium economy, you can enjoy more comfortable seats, many entertainment options, great staff, and many more. So yes, If you ask about Is the premium economy on Iberia worth it? Then the answer is yes, it is worth it to book premium economy if you are flying in Iberia Airlines.

What is the premium economy like on Iberia Airlines? 

Premium economy is the advanced version of economy class in Iberia airlines, providing you more comfort and a happy journey.

  • When traveling in Iberia Premium economy class, you get more space between the rows, around 37 inches, which means you can easily walk from one seat to another.
  • The seats in premium economy class are much wider, around 19 inches, and have a seatback recline of about 7 inches.
  • You get an adjustable headrest and footrest, giving more comfort 
  • To entertain, you get a flat-screen of around 12 inches individually noise-canceling headphones and several entertainment options.
  • You get Wi-Fi connectivity and power to charge your electronic devices, a USB port to charge, etc

Besides, the airline provides you with blankets and pillows for good sleep. You also get an early check-in option at the airport. If you book premium economy, you can enjoy all the services above.

What's the difference between the economy and premium economy in Iberia?

You might get confused between the Iberia premium economy vs economy, but you must know that they are quite different from each other. Here you can check it how:-

Seats:- Iberia premium economy seats are wider and more spacious than economy classes. Besides, you get extra space between the rows in Premium economy class.

You get more recline seats back in Premium economy class than economy about seat recline. With the premium economy class, you get an adjustable footrest and a headrest, whereas, in the economy, you get an adjustable headrest only.

Entertainment:- You get a wider screen in Premium economy whereas screens are less wider in the economy. The difference in the screen is almost 2-3 inches. You get more entertainment options in the premium economy than in economy class.

Food: If you compare food, you can enjoy Spanish cuisine and a comprehensive menu, whereas the food options are comparatively lesser in the economy. You get personalized service in the Iberia premium economy, which is not in the Economy class.

Storage:- In the Premium economy, you get storage for personal items, whereas, in the economy, you get a magazine rack at the back of your seat to store personal items.

Besides, the overall experience is great with the premium economy if you compare it with economy class.

 Does Iberia Airlines have premium economy seats? 

Yes, Iberia has premium economy seats but only for its long haul flights, aircrafts A330-300, A330-200, and A350. You don't get an option for Iberia premium economy seat selection for short-haul or middle-haul. So for long-haul flights in Iberia airlines, you can go ahead with premium economy seats. You can spend marginally more than the economy and make your journey smoother and more comfortable. 

Does Iberia Airlines have first class?

No, Iberia doesn't have first-class, but you get the following options when booking your ticket with Iberia.

Business-class plus:- Those who look for a first-class option can choose the business class plus in Iberia. It gives you everything that you expect in a first-class flight. You get VIP rooms, VIP lounge, direct gateway, and many more on the ground. Onboard, you get good food, personal space, various entertainment options, etc.

Business-class:- You can book your business class flight for a long and short-haul journey. No doubt, it provides you with all the comfort that anyone can have onboard and on the ground.

Premium Economy:- You can choose the premium economy Iberia for your long-haul flight. There is a marginal difference in the ticket price of the economy and premium economy. So if you want your journey more comfortable and beautiful, you can go for Premium economy.

Economy class:- It is the cheapest class in Iberia, but if you want to save money on your ticket, you must go for it.