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How do I Check-in with Latam Airlines?

Are you wondering how to check-in with LATAM? You have landed at the right place. We are about to share all-inclusive LATAM airlines check-in information to help passengers contemplate online check-in for flights reserved with LATAM airlines. 

Let us consider some of the best ways to get an answer to how do you check in for LATAM? 

Passengers can continue to get instant help and assistance with their flights by connecting with the customer service team at LATAM.  

Two distinct ways are available for check-in at LATAM flights are as follows: 

  • Online check-in via the official website www.latamarlines.com.  

  • LATAM application for flight check-in. 

  • Self-service totems at the airport for offline check-in. 

  • Counters at the airport. 

Travelers can download the LATAM flight application on their devices from the play store or app store, depending on the device category, to perform the required steps for online check-in after successful reservation of your flight. After reserving your flight with the airline, travelers can stick to the below-mentioned steps in order to check in LATAM airlines: 

  • Open your web browser or mobile application and Login to your LATAM account with your reservation code and your last name. Hit the submit option on the screen.

  • Fill in the details of the online check-in form (if available). 

  • Accept the terms and conditions listed online to complete online check-in for your flight. 

  • Make sure you save your boarding pass after completing the online check-in process for flight reservations. 

How early can I check-in LATAM? 

LATAM flight online check-in is available between 48 hours and 70 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. This is the time frame when travelers can check-in for their flights online either using the website or Application.

You can select online check-in as it takes less than two minutes and travelers can check-in online from the comfort of their homes. This is also an environment-friendly step hence is best for all. 

What is the baggage allowance on LATAM airlines? 

The baggage allowance strictly depends on the travel route and the cabin or fare you’ve chosen at the time of reservations with LATAM. 

Travelers can carry one or more pieces of baggage on the airline. Let’s look at the two distinct fare classes to understand the baggage allowance: 

  • The maximum weight for checked baggage is 23 kg or 51 lb. 

  • The maximum dimensions allowed are 158 cms or 62.2 inches. 

How many bags can you check in on LATAM? 

  • Passengers can take one checked-in bag for travel in an Economy cabin. 

  • Travelers can take 3 checked-in bags for travel in Premium Business class fare. 

  • Too fare in Premium Economy allows passengers a scope to take 3 checked bags with them each of 23 kgs. 

  • Travelers can take 1 checked-in bag of 23 kgs in the case of miles redemption flight category for Premium economy. 

  • Passengers can take 3 checked bags each 23 kg in the case of miles redemption category for premium Business class. 

  • The top fare for domestic flights to Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru allows 2 pieces of 23 kg bags. 

  • Light and promo fares in the Economy Class category allow travelers to take 2 pieces of 23 kg for flights between Chile and Easter Island. 

  • Miles redemption is not applicable for Economy flight fares with LATAM airlines. 

How much is the baggage fee for LATAM? 

The extra baggage fee that a passenger has to pay in the case of exceeding the baggage allowance is as follows: 

  • Passengers have to pay CLP 25 for excess weight between 23 to 32 kg. 

  • Passengers have to pay CLP 50 for excess weight between 32 to 45 kg. 

  • The excess cost for an oversized bag is CLP 22. 

  • The additional fine for extra cabin baggage is CLP 30. This is the fine collection at the gate.