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How do I choose a porter airline seat?

When it comes to select a seat on Porter airlines, Either you can do it online during and after booking via manage my booking, or You may get in touch with Porter call center at 1-888-619-8622 to choose your preferred seat. 

Ways to Select a Seat on Porter Airlines

At the time of booking:

Customers can easily select their seats at the time of the initial booking of their flight. Before finalizing the payment step, passengers can choose the seats according to their choice & availability.

Via manages my booking:

  1. Visit the official website of Porter airlines.

  2. Move to the “Manage my Bookings” section.

  3. This section provides details regarding the journey like surname, Booking reference number, and other relevant information.

  4. After filling out these details carefully, Tap on the “submit” option.

  5. Now, you get to see your Booking Review the details and add on the “Seat Selection” option.

  6. Select the seat according to your choice & budget.

  7. After completing the sixth step, you have to finalize the payment, select the payment mode, and proceed.

  8. After your payment gets finalized, you get to receive a confirmation email from the airline’s management regarding the Booking Reference number or details of the selected seat.

Via customer service:

At last, you can also “choose your seat on Porter airlines” through various conversation modes. They can directly call on the customer support number of Porter airline or select other ways which are mentioned below:

  1. Via Phone.

  2. Via live chat.

  3. Via Email and others.

Type of Seats on Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines provides 3 types of seats: Classic seat, Premium seat, and Premium PLUS seat. You can choose any of them as your convenience and budget.

Classic seat: If you are travelling with a friend and want to enjoy the outside view from the flight, You should choose a Classic seat.

Premium seat: If you don't like to wait during exit time, then the premium seat is for you. It gives you the nearest seat to the exit door. 

Premium PLUS Seat: This is the best seat among all other types. In a premium PLUS seat, you will get extra legroom and a more comfortable seating arrangement. Even you will be the first to enjoy the complimentary services like drinks and snacks.

Do you have to pay for seats on Porter Airlines?

Yes, Of course, like all other airlines, porter also charges for seat selection, but if you don’t select the seat in advance, you will get a seat by the airline’s management at no cost at cost time check-in flight.

How can I avoid paying for porter’s seat selection?

Yes, you can avoid paying for Porer's seat selection. To not pay the fees for porter airline seat selection, you need to then follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  1. Visit the seat selection page.

  2. Scroll down through the bottom of this page.

  3. Now you get to see the option of “skip seat selection for now” click the link.

  4. After completing the third step, you get an option to choose a seat at the time of check-in as it gets started 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

How Comfortable are Porter airlines seats?

Undoubtedly, the “porter airlines seating arrangements” are comfortable. It has well-managed seats with comfortable pillows at the back of every seat.


What all payment methods are acceptable for making seat selections with Porter Airlines?

As far as the payment is concerned, you could pay with your debit or credit cards online. At the airport, you could use cash for making the payment. Cash and cards are accepted at Porter Airlines.

What is likely to happen if I don’t reserve seats with Porter Airlines in advance?

If you do not select your seat in advance, then you get seats assigned by the airlines. Which you could later change by paying some extra dollars if the seats of your liking are available.

Can I sit together with my companion if we have made separate bookings with Porter Airlines?

You have the avenue for seat selection and hence the passengers are able to select seats in case they would like to sit with someone in particular. Although the airlines charge for seat selection. 

What are the Porter seat dimensions?

As far as the dimensions are concerned, the seats offered by Porter airlines are 6.95 inches in width and 14.96 inches in depth.

Does Porter charge for carry-on?

Yes, Of course, Porter charges for the carry on baggage, but if it crossed the limitations of Baggage policies of Carry-on which we get to consider in the below-mentioned pointers:

  1. One carry-on baggage is free, but after that, the additional luggage will be charged.

  2. Overweight baggage is also charged in Porter airlines.

Does Porter allow carry-on?

Yes, Of course, Porter allows one carry-on bag and one personal item for free. The carry-on should not exceed the limit of size & weight of 47 linear inches or 118cm. It also includes handles & wheels. Always go through the detailed baggage policy of the airline, which is available on the official website.