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How do I pick seats on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines is a renowned low-cost airline in America. The airline provides tickets at a cheap price; therefore, some of the services, like seat selection, are chargeable on Spirit Airlines. If you have booked a Spirit airline flight ticket, to choose the  Best seats on Spirit Airline, do the following:

Online selection of seats: If you are willing to book a particular seat for the journey after the ticket is confirmed and there are more than 24 hours to the flight’s departure, you can access an online process and book the seat on the flight. Please follow the consecutive steps for online seat selection:

  • Go to the official website of Spirit Airline on spirit.com

  • Click on “My Trips”

  • Enter your booking information of reservation code, origin, and destination

  • Choose the seat selection option

  • Select the desired seat from the Spirit Airlines seat map 

  • Pay for the selected seats

  • Receive a confirmation on the selected seat at your email address.

Selection of seat during check-in: If you are doing a web check-in for the scheduled Spirit Airline flight or have reached a counter at the airport, you can select a desired seat depending on availability. You may have to pay the required fee to book a preferred seat on a Spirit Airlines flight.

Can you pick your seat for free with Spirit?

Spirit Airlines will assign you a seat for free upon making new reservations. But if you want to travel on a particular seat or want a seat with your family and friends, you may have to request a seat assignment on the Spirit Airline flight. Seat selection may cost you an amount starting from 5$ - 50$ depending on the route and fare type.

Does Spirit charge for seat selection? 

Yes, Spirit Airlines charges a seat selection fee from passengers who want to choose a desired seat on the flight. The fee depends on the kind of seat you want to book. If the seat is booked for extra legroom or front row seats are chosen for extra comfort, then the passenger will pay a seat selection amount. Spirit Airline seat selection starts with a minimum 5$ as fee.

How much does it cost to select a seat on Spirit? 

The cost to select a seat on Spirit Airlines starts from 5$. The Spirit Airline seat selection price depends upon the factors listed below:

  • The route of the scheduled flight

  • The fare type of the ticket

  • The time of seat selection

  • The location for the seat selected on the flight.

Does Spirit charge for every seat?

Yes, Spirit Airlines will charge for every seat a passenger selects for the travel on a scheduled flight. The seat selection fee can start from 5$, and the amount may increase or decrease depending on the route and location of the seat on the flight.

How does seat bidding work on Spirit?

To enjoy larger seats in the front row of the Spirit Airlines flight or get seats with extra legroom, you can purchase a ticket on an eligible Spirit flight and bid for an empty seat. To learn how to bid for big front row or exit row seats, to make the journey comfortable, do the following:

  • Visit Spirit Airline's official webpage.

  • Reach the Spirit Seat Bid page. 

  • Enter your confirmation number and last name.

  • Click on the “Find” tab.

  • Follow the further instructions to bid for the desired seat.

  • If you are comfortable with the bidding price, pay the amount and confirm the seat.

How to avoid paying for seats on Spirit Airlines? 

When traveling on a Spirit Airlines flight, you can skip paying for the seats:

  • If you do not choose a desired seat on a Spirit airline flight and travel on the random seat assigned by Spirit Airlines during the check-in for the scheduled Spirit Airlines flight.
  • If you become a gold or a silver member of the Spirit Airline.

What happens if you skip seat selection? 

If you don't choose a seat on a Spirit Airlines flight, you will have to travel on the random seat assigned to you after the check-in is complete. The seat may be uncomfortable, or you may have to travel on a separate seat away from your family or friends traveling together. To avoid this situation, you can use the seat assignment service of Spirit Airline and take the opportunity to select the desired seat for an excellent journey.

Are Spirit Airlines seats smaller?

Spirit Airline seats are of standard size, measuring up to:

  • Front-row seats are 36 inches in pitch, and 18.5 in width.
  • Economy seats 28-inch pitch, 17.5 in width.

You can choose a seat according to your sitting preferences or the front row seats for extra legroom and larger space. The best part is the big front seats are wider compared to other flight seats and do not have a middle seat.

What are seats like on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines aims to provide the utmost comfort to passengers, and for that, the seats on Spirit Airlines flights have the following benefits:

  • They are recliners designed for passengers to lean back comfortably.

  • There is enough space for the knee movement 

  • The cushion on the seat is made to provide extra comfort for extended sitting hours.

  • A new wide headrest is given to support the neck and head.

Can you select seats on Spirit after booking?

Yes, you can select a seat on Spirit flight according to the procedure and spirit airline seat selection policy elaborated below:

  • A passenger can choose a seat on payment on a Spirit airline flight.

  • A seat can be chosen after the reservation is confirmed or during the check-in for the scheduled flight.

  • If you are a gold or silver class member, seats can be selected for free.

  • Seat selection will be subject to the availability of seats on the desired flight.