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What day is the cheapest day to fly on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines follows unofficial predictable fare sales that drop the prices of flights on some routes or destinations on Tuesdays. According to fare sales, Tuesday is considered the cheapest day for low fares on Southwest Airlines. It generally runs from Tuesday to Thursday to offer one-way prices on selected routes as low as $39.

What does low fare mean on Southwest? 

Suppose a passenger is looking for a tip to book cheap tickets for different destinations for domestic as well International flights. Southwest Low Fare Calendar is one of the easiest ways to secure a Scheduled cheap flight from Southwest Airlines. You must have flexible travel dates to easily book the tickets on which the calendar shows the affordable price of particular destination flight tickets, as it is a great way to save money.

What is Southwest's low-fare calendar hack? 

Travelers planning solo or group trips make sure to have flexible travel dates to save money. You should apply for the Southwest low-fare calendar hack while booking new reservations for worldwide destinations. Once you use this filter, the screen will display the cheapest Scheduled Flight List in the first nine days. It will pop up the calendar view while tapping on the book; passengers can easily select the available cheapest flight one way or round trip according to their preferred choice.

What are the benefits of a low-fare calendar? 

The low-fare calendar has several benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Travelers can easily compare the different date prices, and there is no need to call Airline customer service.

  • Low Fare Calendar allows passengers to see the flight departure arrival times and prices at one portal for specific destinations.

  • It will show cheap flight tickets starting nine days for domestic and international flights.

  • It performs all the work to quickly find the best available flight according to your requirement.

How to apply a Low Fare calendar while booking?​​​​​​​

The Low Fare Calendar of Southwest Airlines works the same as other Airline calendars; it displays the month-by-month calendar with the Starting price of flight tickets according to particular days or routes. This makes the customer booking process easy as it shows which dates have the cheapest departure and arrival flights. Kindly follow the basic steps to add a low-fare calendar to the booking process.

  • You should visit the official website of Southwest Airlines and tap on a book available on the portal.

  • Now you must enter the required information like a one-way or round trip, destination, arrival, and departure. 

  • Here, You will see a pop-up low-fare calendar. Click on apply. 

  • The screen will display the available cheapest flight options. 

  • Passengers should select from the available flight options and further proceed to confirm the booking for specific Domestic or International Destinations.

  • You will see 9 days available options to get an affordable price.​​​​​​​