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How Can You Opt For The First Class Upgrade on American Airlines?

How Can You Opt For The First Class Upgrade on American Airlines?


The process of getting the upgrade in American Airlines is getting harder to come by. Whether you are opting for an elite benefit or you are simply using your cash or points to move to a higher class. This is the reason that we always recommend to book the seats that you want instead of relying on the upgrades as they are not certain. 

Still, there are many passengers who get the upgrade every year by applying different tricks. Well, you can still go for an American airline seat upgrade to first class. Let’s talk about the upgrades. We will walk through everything so that we let you know everything about the upgrade, priority, and eligibility. 

How to find out if space for Upgrade is Available?

This is considered as one of the greatest challenges for the passengers. You can secure an upgrade on American Airlines, but the real challenge is to find the available seats. Just because you want to reserve a seat in the first-class does not mean that the seats are available for an upgrade.

If you have a concierge key or the executive Platinum status with American Airlines, then you will be able to see the availability of using the system-wide upgrade or getting the mileage upgrade award when you search for a flight. 

You can also call to find out if the upgrade is available or not or if it is possible to use miles to upgrade your flight. In this way, you will not have to worry about the American airline seat upgrade cost.

The option of finding the upgrade is available so that you can subscribe to third party-service like an Expert flyer or searching for the F award space (First class). 

Upgrading with Miles

All the travelers can use the AAdvantage frequent flier miles to get an upgrade on American Airlines booking or American eagle marketed based on availability. The upgrade on American Airlines is valid for the single class upgrade for the outbound or return journey and excludes the award tickets. Talking about the miles, the amount of miles it will take to upgrade the flight ticket depends on the routes and the fare class of the ticket.

Bid for an Upgrade

The airline also allows you to name your price like an auction and bid for the first-class upgrade. For this, you must have a confirmed reservation and get ready to pay the price if your bid is accepted. This is not a guaranteed upgrade as it will be like the gamble on getting the upgrade at a discount. Let us see the process of upgrade. Well, we will recommend you to go through the seat upgrade policy of American Airlines first.

The Process of Upgrade:

  • Visit the American Airlines website.
  • At first, you will have to visit the official website of American Airlines and then go to “My Trips.”
  • Then, you will have to enter your first and last name and the booking reference. Click on the “Find reservation” tab, and this will display your itinerary details.
  • If you see that the upgrade is available, then select it and choose the first class to upgrade. Choose the way you want to opt for an upgrade.
  • This will show you the fare and the upgrade fee where you have to enter your payment details and pay the amount.

Get the Upgrade in American Airlines Anytime:

Once you are done with the process, you will be able to upgrade your seat from American airlines upgrade from basic economy to the first class in American Airlines. In case you are stuck at any step while doing the upgrade, you can contact the customer service team of American Airlines to get assistance. The team will be there to provide you with the required help. They will cater to your needs and requirements and will assist you in their best possible manner.



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