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Is it Worth Getting Business Class on Amtrak?

Is it Worth Getting Business Class on Amtrak?


Yes, it is worth getting business class on Amtrak when you travel to the router Pacific Surfliner. You get an upgraded car with tables, snacks, complimentary drinks, etc. In addition to this, if you wonder, is Amtrak business class worth it? It is also because you get reserved seats for most of the routes with Business class. Besides, you can also change seats later free of cost. With the business class, you get roomier space and the best seats. In addition, you also get up to 25 % Amtrak points that you can use later for your booking, upgrades, etc.

What is the benefit of business class on Amtrak? 

  • The business class has more space to stretch out when traveling on the Amtrak. The leg rooms have almost 39 inches of leg space in coach seats, and business class has much more room between the rows.
  • You get automatically assigned seats by traveling with Business class tickets on Acela, Northeast regional, Palmetto, and Vermonter. You get peace of mind while boarding, and there is a crowd to hound you.
  • Besides, you can also change your seats free of cost by accessing booking through the Amtrak app or official website. You can refer to the seat maps for each route to pick your most favorable spot.
  • You get Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages like juice, coffee, tea, sparkling water, and sodas free of cost when traveling with Amtrak business class. Not only this, but you also get Amtrak rewards points.

Can I upgrade my Amtrak ticket to business class? 

Yes, you can upgrade your Amtrak ticket to business class by accessing your reservation through or Amtrak mobile app. If you don't get time, you can upgrade it at the station or call Amtrak customer service.

On the trains that have sleeping accommodations, you might also upgrade to a roomette or bedroom as per the availability.

Is Amtrak business class less crowded?

Yes, Amtrak business class is less crowded and quieter if you want to spend some me-time and do your work. Besides, the train also follows the Amtrak business class covid guideline, making it less crowded than before.

Is business class better than coach on Amtrak?

Yes! It is better as it's less crowded and one can enjoy free non-alcoholic drinks with roomier seats. But it is not the scene for all the business class routes. Talking about seats, they vary from route to route. Business-class seats are almost no different for some routes than the coach class.

Business-class includes perks like Amtrak points and reserved seating for some routes. The Train car layout is also slightly different in business class than in the coach class.

You also can purchase a seat that is not next to any other seats. Moreover, some seats have fold-out tables and seats facing each other, making it easy to work or talk when you travel with colleagues, friends, and families.

 What is the difference in business class on Amtrak?

  • Talking about Amtrak business class vs coach, Amtrak business class seats are full of comfort with headrests, adjustable footrests, spacious legroom, tray tables, and electrical outlet for your laptop or DVD players.

  • Seats in business class are usually facing forward. Whereas coach class offers basic facilities with reclining seats, tray tables, and reading lights.

  • You don't get drinks on coach cases, whereas unlimited non-alcoholic drinks are available when traveling on business class.

How much more is business class on Amtrak? 

If you purchase a business class seat, it may cost around $ 30 to $ 40 more than the coach class on the regular routes. Besides Amtrak business class cost also varies from route to route and time of purchase.

What does business class on Amtrak mean?

  • Business-class on Amtrak is the updated version of the coach class. You get roomier seats along with free non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Business-class is less crowded than coach class. You also get reserved seats for some routes, and if you want, you can change the assigned seats later as per your interest.

  • Apart from it, if you are an Amtrak guest reward member, you can also earn up to a 25 % qualifying points bonus when traveling in business class.

Do you get free drinks in Amtrak business class?

Yes, you get free non-alcoholic drinks for most Amtrak business class routes.

Does Amtrak business class include food? 

No, traveling with business class on Amtrak doesn't include food. You can get free meals only with a sleeper car and Acela's first class booking. With the business-class booking, you can buy food at the café.

What is the difference between First Class and business class on Amtrak? 

Meal:- If you ask about the difference in Amtrak business vs first class, the Major difference is the Meal service. With first-class tickets, you get all kinds of meals related to your time of service. Whereas in business class you have to buy food at the café.

Drinks:- You get complimentary drinks during the boarding, whereas for the business class, you get only non-alcoholic drinks.

Seats:-The seats in first class are far more comfortable and spacious than business class. If traveling on Amtrak Acela, you can enjoy complimentary wifi and an AC outlet to charge the electronic items. You get an extra-large tray table with first-class, perfect for doing some work.

Lounges:- You can go into the Amtrak Metropolitan lounges before your trip when riding on Amtrak Acela first class. At the same time, there is no such option with business class.

Are seats assigned on Amtrak business class?

Yes, Amtrak offers assigned seats to the highest class of service for some routes. When riding on Northern regional trains, business class passengers can select their seats for free. On Acela express trains, only first-class passengers can select the seats for free; business class doesn't have the leverage to select seats.

Do Amtrak business class seats recline?

No, business class seats generally don't recline; they have cushion headrest, adjustable footrest, and extra legroom. Moreover, as it sometimes depends on the routes, you can speak to the Amtrak support team for additional information.  

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