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How to book a Fiji flight to Australia?

How to book a Fiji flight to Australia?


Are you planning to visit Australia and looking for details to book reservations with Fiji Airways? To make it easier for the travelers, the airline offers two options to book reservations that include by visiting the airline's website or by reaching out to an airline representative. 

However, to help travelers save their time, here are the steps that one can follow to Book a Fiji Airways flight ticket to Australia. If required, one can reach out to the airline representative to seek assistance regarding the same. One can get more information on the airline website and gather details on the ongoing offer and deals. 

Steps to book Fiji Airways reservations to Australia online:

  • To confirm Fiji Airways booking online, click on the book flights tab.
  • Now, check the Flights option and select the trip type. 
  • Further, provide the origin city and enter the arrival city as Australia. 
  • After that, the traveler can enter the departure date and select the number of passengers. 
  • Then, select a cabin class as per the suitability and continue.
  • The traveler can even mention the coupon code or preferred currency. 
  • And then, the traveler can click on the Search Flights option to find the available flights. 
  • Further, the traveler can pick a flight and confirm the reservations by mentioning the details of those traveling. 
  • And to book the reservations, the traveler can make an online payment and confirm Fiji Airways bookings. 

Do Fiji Airways offer flights to Australia?

Lately, many travelers have enquired, Are Fiji airlines flying to Australia? As per the information online, Fiji Airways offer its flights to Sydney and provides services to multiple locations across the globe. 

Common FAQs 

1) What is the cost of flying from Australia to Fiji?

Travelers looking for the cost of flying from Australia to Fiji, as per the online portals, the cheapest flight ticket can cost $274. However, the average fare for the flight ticket ranges to $700. Still, to seek information on the exact fare, one can visit the airline’s website and plan their trip accordingly. 

2) Do citizens of Fiji require a visa to visit Australia? 

For travelers who are citizens of Fiji are covered under the Transit without a Visa (TWOV) program, which permits the citizen to travel without a visa. However, if the traveler is not eligible under TWOV, then the traveler needs to apply for a visa to enter Australia. For more info, the traveler can reach out to the concerned department. 

3) How far is Fiji from Australia in terms of hours? 

For travelers planning to book Fiji Airways reservations to Sydney and are unsure about the air travel distance per the online portals, it takes 5.15 hours if the traveler opts for the shortest distance. However, the travel time can vary depending on the travel conditions and other factors. 

4) What is the flight duration from Fiji to Australia? 

As per the various online portals, the travelers who are flying from Fiji to Australia, the average flight duration ranges to 4hours and 40 minutes. But, there can be changes depending on the travel conditions and other factors. Besides, the traveler can get complete information on the same by contacting the preferred airline. 

5) Are there any flights from Australia to Fiji?

For travelers who wish to book a return flight from Australia to Fiji, one can easily find direct flights to Fiji from Brisbane that takes around 3.5 hours. But, for travelers who have confirmed flights from Melbourne, it might take 4.5 hours, and one can easily find flights from this location. 

Still, before confirming the reservations, the travelers are suggested to contact a suitable airline to find details about the direct flights' availability and cheapest travel fares and deals for the flight.

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