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Can The Airline Refund For The Flight Ticket If I Have Missed The Flight?

Can The Airline Refund For The Flight Ticket If I Have Missed The Flight?


Can I Get a Refund If I Missed My Flight?

The passengers traveling to their desired place always have to be on time so that they can board their flight. But, there can be circumstances when you miss the flight and then you think of getting the refund. Well, let us tell you that you don’t get a refund of your flight ticket if you miss your flight.

The airline does not provide you a refund after the flight missing. The airline rejects the request for a refund of the flight as you have missed the flight because of your fault. And unfortunately you don’t get a refund if you have missed your flight.

There are cases when you can get a refund of the flight ticket. It is when the airline cancels your flight. As per the civil aviation authority (CAA), if you are traveling to or within the EU, then the airline will be responsible for getting you on the next available flight. They will be liable to return your money if your ticket is unused.

In addition, if you are given less than seven days' notice of the cancelation and still you are choosing to fly on the alternative flight, then you can claim up to $600 in compensation. This will depend on the length of the flight and the delay of the flight.

For more information, you can talk to the customer care representatives, and they will provide you with information on the cases in which you will get the refund. Their services are available round the clock to provide the best assistance to all your issues.

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