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Can I claim compensation from easyJet?

Can I claim compensation from easyJet?


Yes, you can apply for EasyJet compensation claims easily without any disturbances. For compensation, you need to fill out the form available on the site and submit it to the airline authority; after that, you can get your money back on your registered account details. You can also claim compensation through a call to connect to the customer service personnel via a toll-free number +44 (0) 330 5525151 available 24 hours and seven days. For claiming the compensation you should have booking details with yourself to make the process easier. 

  • You can visit the official page of Easyjet. 
  • Then move to manage your booking after logging in through your account. 
  • Enter the booking reference number and last name on the managed booking page.
  • The page will display a list of flights; select your flight, then tap on the cancel button.
  • After that, click on the compensation form and fill it out, then choose to submit.
  • Finally, receive the confirmation code message on your registered email id.

How early does easyJet pay compensation?

Once you have applied for the compensation, it may take time, which can vary according to the type of payment option you choose to buy the flight ticket. If you have paid through net banking, it will be quick; within a few days, you will get your flight fare back, or if it is paid through cheque or DD, then it may take time to get the compensation from the airline authority.

How long does EasyJet take for compensation? 

After processing and verifying your request within seven working days, you can get your compensation from the easy jet. The compensation will come to your account, which was used to pay for the flight ticket.

Does EasyJet pay compensation always?

  • Yes, EasyJet pays the compensation if you follow the compensation policy wisely. These policies are made under the supervision of senior authorities so that it can be flexible for passengers to apply for compensation without making any errors.
  • If you have applied for the compensation within 24 hours of flight cancellation, then the airline will pay you the money without deduction of cancellation charges.
  • If you have applied for the compensation after 24 hours of flight cancellation, then in that case, the airline will pay you the money but after the deduction of cancellation charges.
  • In case your family member dies due to a medical issue, and you cannot board the flight after your booking gets canceled. In that case, you can submit the supportive documents to the airline authority; after verification, the authority will provide you with compensation without deducting extra charges. 

How much is EasyJet's compensation amount? 

The compensation amount depends on the type of flight you have booked. If the flight distance is under 1500 km, then it will cost you 250$, and on the other hand, if the flight distance exceeds 1500 km, then it will cost you around 400$.

Does EasyJet pay compensation to passenger for a delayed flight? 

Yes, you will get compensation for a delayed flight due to weather conditions or technical issues in the aircraft. You can apply for compensation, and the airline authority will give you money without deducting the cancellation charges.

Does EasyJet have compensation per passenger?

Yes, the easy jet compensation per passenger, and once you have filled out the easy jet compensation form, the airline will provide compensation up to 600 $ per person regardless of the amount you have paid.

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