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Does British Airways Operate From India?

Does British Airways Operate From India?


Is British Airways Operating From India?

Well, this question arises in many minds while they are hunting for British Airways. They have started their flights from India under the bilateral arrangement. The passengers can look for British Airways Booking easily. The fights had been restarted from August 17, 2020. The flag carrier of the United Kingdom is supposed to operate five flights in a week from Delhi and Mumbai to London Heathrow and four flights in a week from Hyderabad and Bengaluru to London. 

Due to the COVID-19 situation, every passenger thought of their safety measures while doing British Airways booking from Mumbai to London Heathrow. Safety is ensured by British Airways through a range of measures. The passengers are given information on the changes at their airport, onboard experience, and tips on how to prepare for the journey.

The passengers can do online check-in, could download their boarding pass, and where possible self-scan it at the departure gate, observe social distancing and use contactless, automated features at the airline’s lounges such as the new online food and drink service among others.

The guidelines of traveling after the pandemic situation as per the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) are as follows:

  • The passenger should be a citizen of the country they are flying to.
  • They have a green card, permanent residency status OCI card, or any other special status in that country.
  • They are stranded in close neighboring countries and permitted to exit through India.
  • They are an Indian national destined to the UK who is holding any type of visa of any country (other than a tourist visa) with a minimum of one month’s validity.

       Basic Things While Traveling with British Airways 

  1. You can check in with the online application and download the e-boarding pass of the flight.
  2. You should always keep the details up to date in case the flight wished to contact you in case of emergency or for some other information.
  3. Do not forget to wear masks at all times, as a guide one mask lasts four hours so please bring enough for your journey.
  4.  You must try to keep your hand baggage to a minimum so it’s easier to move through the airport.
  5. New foodservice will be offered to you.
  6. Special meals are also available. But you can also bring food with you as well.
  7. You have to arrive 3 hours before long-haul and 2 hours before short-haul flights. Check the local airport website for information.
  8. Do not travel if you have any signs of COVID-19.
  9. Also, if you need a COVID-19 test for your upcoming flight departing from the UK, we’ve brought together a number of options with exclusive discounts to help you book the test you need to travel easily and safely.

These are basic things that every passenger should remember and also British Airways is operating to make your travel safe for you and your beloved ones. There are several airlines available such as British Airways From Bengaluru to London and so on.

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