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How Can I Avoid Paying For Seat Selection?

How Can I Avoid Paying For Seat Selection?


How Can I Avoid Paying For Seat Selection?

Most Airlines charge for additional bags and meals. No doubt it raises the overall fare of the ticket. But these are the basic cost and important to add on. But in many airlines, one has to pay for the seat selection. 

If you are looking for somewhere and looking for how can I avoid paying for seat selection, then further? We have covered some hacks that can help you. 

1.   Early Booking

It is the best way to avoid any kind of charge. All you have to book the ticket in advance so that you can get the wide option to select the seat. Airline charges only when there are a limited number of seats, but with this method, you can avoid such a scenario. 

2.    Use The Seat Saver Option 

If you fail to book a ticket in advance, then this option can help you. All you have to do turn on the seat saver option. Whenever you book a ticket online then besides that you can see seats in color. Once you “ON” the seat saver option, then you can choose a seat and avoid seat fees

3.    Skip The Seat Selection Part 

Numerous times, pop-ups and ads appear and users click on them. It leads them to a new booking page where they may have to pay for the seats. But, you can avoid it simply by clicking on “Skip the seat” 

Now, the airline can offer you the available seat. 

These are the ways to avoid paying for seat selection. You can select any one of them and reduce the overall price of the ticket. It is applicable both for group and individual bookings. 

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