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How can I cancel my Saudi Airlines ticket?

How can I cancel my Saudi Airlines ticket?


To cancel your Saudi Airlines flight ticket, you can follow the online cancellation procedure, or you can even connect with the customer service team for cancellation. However, ensuring you have used the official data to communicate with them is the most important thing. Then you'll be able to contact customer service through calling, chatting, or even with the help of email. 

Online cancellation Procedure:

  • Get on Saudi Air's website 

  • Now choose the button "Manage Booking." 

  • Enter the Saudi's booking reference number and the name of the passenger. 

  • Now click on the search button. 

  • You'll see the reservation you have made. 

  • Open the booking, and then choose the "Cancellation" button. 

  • Confirm the step of cancellation by clicking on the cancellation button. 

  • Once the cancellation is made, you'll receive a confirmation email on the registered email address with Saudi Airlines. 

Cancel Saudi Airlines ticket by phone-

  • To cancel your flight, You need to phone up on Saudi Airlines number 920022222/+1-802-357-7082. 

  • You'll listen to the automated voice service. 

  • Select the options connected to the problem you're facing. 

  • Once you have selected the suitable options, your call will be moved to the cancellation team. 

  • You only need to share the Saudi Airline ticket's booking code and the passenger's name. 

  • The executive will get your information and cancel you. 

What is Saudi Airlines' cancellation policy? 

To avoid the Saudi Airlines cancellation fee, you must ensure that you have read the policies provided below. After you have adhered to the conditions mentioned below, your issue will be fixed. 

  • To make your ticket refundable, you must make sure that you have canceled within twenty–four hours of the booking. Ensure is that you made the booking at least seven days before the flight's departure date. 

  • If your booking was canceled by Saudi Airlines, you're eligible to get a complete refund of the investment you made. 

  • In case your flight was canceled due to reasons related to Covid. Then also, you're going to be eligible for a refund. 

  • It would help if you made sure you filled out the Covid refund form within twenty-four hours of the booking.

  • You could cancel your reservation by yourself if you made the booking on their official website. However, if you made the booking by a third party, you need to ensure that you connect with them to make the reservation. 

How much is the Saudi Air ticket cancellation fee? 

The cancellation fee is going to be around $100. However, the exact cost will vary from one booking to the other. That means in the case of an international flight, The cancellation cost will be much more.

What if Saudi Airlines cancels my flight? 

If your flight was canceled by the airlines, then Saudi airlines ticket cancellation charges will not be applied. In this case, it is essential to fill up the cancellation form within twenty–four hours of the cancellation. That is going to make sure that you get a complete refund. 

If a third party or any travel agency made your reservation, then connect with them to make the cancellation.

How long ago can I cancel my Saudi Airlines flight? 

You can cancel the Saudi Airlines flight until twenty minutes before the flight's departure time. However, canceling within twenty-four hours of the booking is always recommended. Once you have followed the twenty-four hours window, you will not be charged the cancellation fee. 

Does Saudi Airlines offer free cancellation? 

Yes, they offer free cancellation through their twenty-four hours cancellation policy. You must ensure you have canceled within twenty-four hours of the booking. This way, you will ensure that you'll not be charged the cancellation fee. 

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