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How do I Book Special Assistance on British Airways

How do I Book Special Assistance on British Airways


How to Request Assistance on British Airways

At times, there are passengers that need special assistance for handicapped, hearing disability, speaking disability, and so on. These are the things that travelers required before 48 hours of travel. So, for such help, the traveler has to Request Assistance on British Airways for making their travel smooth as well.

Steps by Which You Can Do So:

  1. You can speak to our Accessibility Team for making a new booking.
  2. Do not forget to make the airlines aware of what type of assistance you required.
  3. On your booking, go to ‘quick links’ and select ‘Disability and mobility assistance’.
  4. You should book this at least 48 hours before your flight is due to depart to give us time to make arrangements.
  5. The assistance that Airlines provide are mobility, visual impairments, hearing impairments, and hidden disabilities. 
  6. More help can be taken from 'What assistance is available?' or speak to the Accessibility Team of Airlines.
  7. Visit the airport at least two hours ahead of departure where you’ll be able to tell us more about your specific needs on your day of travel.

Assistance Provided

It depends on the individual needs that Airways arranged for. The things are mentioned further:

  • Help for the escort to and from the aircraft.
  • Help with stairs where necessary.
  • Transport for wheelchairs and mobility aids.

Now when you have successfully reached the aircraft, the cabin crew will offer you:

  • Find your seat and familiarise yourself with the seat and surrounding area.
  • Store and retrieve your hand baggage.
  • You can easily open any packaging of your onboard meals and then identify the foods and layout provided on the tray. 
  • Move between your seat and the washroom.
  • The information in a way that meets your requirements will also be provided to you.

Hence, booking special British Airways Assistance is quite easy. This will make your traveling experience much better and memorable one as well even if you want Disability and Mobility Assistance.

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