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How do I contact Air France from India?

How do I contact Air France from India?


If you have a booking with Air France and need to ask about the upcoming flight, you can contact Air France in India anytime. There are various contact options available, but for a quick response, you can call Air France India 24 hours contact number 1800 180 00 33. Besides, the calling procedure is explained below for your reference; go through it if you don't know how it works.

Steps to contact Air France over the phone in India 

  • Dial the Air France toll-free number 1800 4192 033 on mobile.

  • You can press 1 for English and then follow further IVR instructions.

    • Press 1 for a reservation 

    • Press 2 for the missing packet

    • Press 3 to make a complaint about your recent flight 

    • Press 4 to check the flight status 

  • You can keep answering the question on call to get a live agent option

  • Once the system asks you to connect with a live agent, say yes or press the button 

  • Wait on the call, and soon you will be able to speak with the Air France representative 

  • When you call the airline, make sure to contact you during business hours; here are the timings are given for your reference.

Air France India customer care timings

Monday - Friday : 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday : 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

So, you can connect with Air France executives anytime over the phone. Besides, if you wish to connect to Air France in any particular city, you can dial the number of that city available on the website. For instance, if you want to connect to an airline in Delhi, you can call the Air France contact number Delhi and speak to the agent in real time.

How do I contact Air France customer care? 

If you need any support from an Air France executive, you can opt for any of the options below to reach out to its customer care. 

Email support

You can contact Air France representatives via email if you need to share any feedback, concern, compliment, etc., with the airline. 

  • To share email, open your email account and click on the create an email button

  • You can use the email address available on the website of Air France India 

  • Compose the email, and once done, click on send 

  • Make sure to enter the contact information to expedite the process.

Phone call 

Calling is the most convenient and simplest way to connect Air France executives. You can choose the number of your region from the website and make a call on it. Call Air France customer care number Mumbai +91 124 623 3502 for Mumbai, 1800 180 0033 for Delhi, and 1800 419 2033 for Bangalore, Then follow IVR to connect with its representative.

  • Dial the Air France customer care number 1800 180 00 33.

  • Follow IVR to speak to the live person.

  • Once connected, you can clear the doubts in real-time.

Social Media 

  • You can also connect with Air France on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Go to the website of Air France and click on the social media link available. 

  • Once connected, you can share any direct message to the airline 24/7

Does Air France have WhatsApp? 

No! Air France doesn't have a WhatsApp number; you can call on its phone to connect with the representative. To connect with Air France in Bangalore, you can call the Air France customer care number in Bangalore and speak to the agent in real time. Besides, you can also opt for other contact options to reach out to its representative.

Does Air France have good customer service? 

Yes! Air France has good customer service and prioritizes their customer before anything. Starting from when you think of Air France, the customer service is always there for you. You can connect the Air France customer service for any queries. The airline ensures that its customers don't need to struggle at any point and for any service. The airline has a team of great experts and professionals, and via its Air France India 24 hours contact number, you can contact the agents 24/7.

The airline has also won the first prize five times back to back on the customer relation podium in the transport sector. The customer relation podium consists of a list of companies consumers appreciate for customer relation quality. 

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