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How Do I Get a Refund From Breeze?

How Do I Get a Refund From Breeze?


The airline has a robust customer-oriented approach which helps the airline to give the best customer services related to cancellation, booking, and refund. If you are also wondering which method will be best to get the refund from breeze airways, then you can use the information provided below and choose the best option which suits you the best.

Through manage booking: the airline provides the option of managing booking to their customers. If they don't have enough time to ask for assistance to cancel it, they can cancel their reservation themselves. It is convenient for the passengers to use the manage booking option. Follow the steps if you want to cancel your reservation without assistance.

Steps to get a refund from Breeze Airways:

  • Open Breeze airways' official website

  • On the website's homepage, there is a tab called my trips. Click on that.

  • When you click on my trip, enter the needed information and click on proceed.

  • After proceeding, your booked reservation will open on your screen. 

  • After that, your ticket needed to be canceled to get a refund. Cancel your ticket and click on the refund.

  • After that, money will be transacted back to your registered bank account.

Getting a refund by calling the airlines: passengers can also request the airlines to get a refund from breeze airways. All you need to do is dial customer care number 1-802-357-7082. It would be better if you could dial their phone number in the early morning to get a quick response from the airline or send a text: 501-273-3931 related to your refund request. Follow the steps if you want breeze airways' phone number:

  • Go to their official website.

  • Open their contact us page.

  • On their contact page, all the contact details are available, or you can directly call them at +1-802-357-7082.

  • After dialing their customer care number, IVR will instruct you to dial the number according to the query you are facing. For instance:

    • Dial 1 to book a new flight ticket

    • Dial 2 to get your ticket edited.

    • Dial 3 to cancel the ticket

    • Dial 4 to request the refund

    • Dial * if you have another query.

  • After dialing 4, soon, an agent will connect with you to help you out. Provide them with all the requested details of your flight and some personal information. 

  • After 7-10 business days, a refund will be credited to your bank account.

What is Breeze Airways' refund policy? 

  • If a passenger is canceling their flight ticket before 24 hours of the booking, then they are eligible to get the full amount on their bank accounts

  • If the passenger cancels their flight reservation after 24 hours of the booking, they are not eligible to get a refund.

  • If an agent has booked the passenger's flight ticket, the commission amount will be deducted from the refund.

  • If a flight gets delayed, passengers can cancel the flight with the full amount credited to their bank accounts.

  • If a passenger goes through any medical emergency, they are allowed to cancel the flight ticket, and they will get a full refund on their registered bank account.

Are breeze airline tickets refundable?

It depends upon the type of ticket the passenger is holding. If they hold a refundable flight ticket, they are eligible to get a full refund, but if they hold a non-refundable flight ticket, they might not get a full refund.

How long does it take to get a refund from Breeze Airways? 

The refund takes 10-15 days to get back into your bank accounts if you have paid the fare using your credit or debit card. If you have paid in cash, the refund might take at least 20 days to get back to your account.

Does Breeze Airways offer a full refund? 

Yes, airways offer a full refund to the passengers if they have canceled their ticket before 24 hours of the booking.

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