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How Do I Postpone My Lufthansa Ticket?

How Do I Postpone My Lufthansa Ticket?


Do you want to postpone, extend or rebook your Lufthansa flight tickets? Then you may be required to pay additional charges if the fare of the new flight is higher than the earlier flight.

Travel plans made, changed, or canceled are a recurring process and often people end up making changes in their flights. Similarly, if you make changes in the bookings of the Lufthansa Airlines or wish to postpone the flight booking on Lufthansa then you can easily do it with the help of Lufthansa’s flight change policies. The rule to change the bookings is quite simple and all you have to do is take the help of the following tips mentioned below!

Steps to postpone the Lufthansa Airlines booking

1.If you wish to change the booking on Lufthansa then you just require to go to the booking page of the Lufthansa and then tap on the settings of the manage booking.

2.Now from the booking page, you can move to the section of the Lufthansa Airline’s flight change followed by entering all the details you need and then pick up the details that you would need to make the changes on the flight booking.

3.As you would be moving to the flight change section, now choose the details that you need to make changes with and then also pay off the fare difference that is required. At last, now confirm the changes and you will be done.

4.You can process the flight changes even taking the help of the helpline number and then make the changes required.

5.Or if needed then the changes can also be processed with the help of the ticket counter or any travel agent.

Policies that you need to follow for postponing the confirmed reservations

1.If you desire to process the flight changes in the booking then, first of all, make sure the flight ticket is refundable and confirmed.

2.Meanwhile, you can only confirm the changes if you have confirmed the fare difference payment.

3.Moreover, any passenger will get the accessibility to make the changes only once and not more than that.

And hence this is how you can postpone the changes on the flight and find out answers related to how do I postpone my Lufthansa ticket. 

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