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How do I Upgrade to Business Class on Air France?

How do I Upgrade to Business Class on Air France?


Suppose you are a passenger traveling to economy class and wish to upgrade your seat to business class. In that case, you can easily visit the icon that says manage my booking option and enjoy the extra privilege and services provided by Air France. It does avail its services within a given period and does upgrade your seat as per your preference and desires.  

Steps to how to upgrade your reservation through the manage my booking option. 

  • Firstly, do visit the official website of Air France. 
  • Do scroll down the screen down there you will find the icon which says manage my booking. 
  •  Next to it, you will have to fill in your information, such as the first name of the passenger, last name of the passenger, PNR number of the passenger. 
  •   Your reservation will be retrieved, and wherein you will find the icon which says upgrade. 
  • You are easily able to upgrade your reservation. Moreover, you have to make a payment out there and get its services. 
  •  Soon you do get a mail on your official email id stating that your reservation is confirmed with them and your reservation is upgraded as per the customers' desires. 

The ways mentioned above will act as the guidelines. You will easily come to know how you can be a customer of the air France upgrade to business online to avail its services and do avail its amenities and services. 

How to upgrade business class on Air France with Miles?

You can easily upgrade your business class by simply upgrading your miles. You do need to create an account in air France flying blue. There is a special calculator to get its services if you wish to know easily. Being a customer of the air France upgrade to business price does need to click on the Show advanced options, select the booking class of your fare, and get its services. 

How many miles do I need to upgrade on Air France?

  • From Economy to Premium Economy: 7,500 frequent flier miles
  • From Premium Economy to Business Class: 10,000 frequent flier miles
  • From Economy to Business: 15,000 frequent flier miles and more

How much does it cost to upgrade to business class on air France?

It may cost around $250 to $500 if you upgrade to business class on Air France. If you upgrade Air France business class using miles it costs between 7500-95000 frequent flier miles.

If you wish to know how much it costs to upgrade from economy to business class, you need to visit their official site and click on the icons which show advanced options, and you do have to click on the icon that says booking class. 

You can upgrade your business class seats. It completely depends on the miles available on your account and what sought of services, and where you wish to travel along with them. 

Can you upgrade from economy to business class on Air -France?

Suppose you are a customer of air France. In that case, you can easily upgrade your account depending upon several factors, such as the miles available on your account and using the membership privileges. You can easily upgrade your reservation with air France

What is the difference between business class or first class on-air France?

If you are a customer traveling through the business class in the air France, first-class passengers get extra services to turn your seats into your bed and even their own private home. Usually, those traveling online will get its services and travel by long-haul flights.   

Business seats on the air France -Business class offers you extra legroom but provides you the food and drink and complimentary food on request. Business-class seats are bigger or more comfortable or offer top-class luxury. 

Do Air France business Class seats lay flat?

Yes, you can easily lay flat on the business class and get its services, especially once you are traveling long-haul flights. You can recline your seats a full flatbed and enjoy its hassle-free flights with Air France. 


If you wish to know about the special services or air France upgrade to business with miles and get its services by simply utilizing their miles, make sure all your needs will be met per the customer's requirement. 

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