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How do You Get Refund For a Cancelled Flight?

How do You Get Refund For a Cancelled Flight?


Are you looking for information about how to obtain a refund on a cancelled flight? All passengers are entitled to obtain a refund for a cancelled flight by requesting a refund from the airlines they have booked with. It is very convenient to request a refund from airlines for a cancelled flight, depending on the terms and conditions. Therefore, you can collect more precise details to get a refund on cancelled flight by going through the points below.

  • Usually, when your flight is cancelled based on availability, the airline will automatically rebook you on a different flight. You may ask for a refund from them if you are not happy with the arrangement.
  • Passengers are entitled to obtain a full refund for the unused part of the flight ticket after it has been cancelled, according to rules determined by airlines.
  • After successfully submitting your refund request to the relevant airline, they provide the refund in the initial payment mode used at the time of booking flight tickets.
  • A few airlines may choose to provide passengers with a refund in the future travel voucher form for a cancelled flight ticket which they can use for a new booking later on.
  • In the event, a passenger cancels a flight ticket due to an emergency within 24 hours, they become eligible to receive full refund for it. On the contrary, when a flight is cancelled after 24 hours then refund is available after deduction of certain amount of fee.

These are the conditions to get refund a flight booking from the airlines in the event it got cancelled due to technical error, or any emergency situation confronted by the passengers. For any further assistance you can also contact customer support department of the airlines.

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