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How Late Can You Change a Flight?

How Late Can You Change a Flight?


How Late Can You Change a Flight?

Plans may change at any moment and it is a very common activity. There could be multiple reasons like a medical emergency or professional work. Airline understands these issues and proffers their customer to change their flight. 

You must you wondering answer of how late can you change a flight? There are some restrictions too that you can read below. 

  • Airlines are allowed their flyer to change the flight 24 hours before the flight departure
  • You can only change the flight only when your ticket permits. For example, if you are flying with the basic economy and want to change the flight, then you are not eligible. It may change and depend on the airline’s policy
  • If you have premium class, then you can change the flight 2 hours before the departure 
  • If you have booked a ticket with miles, then you can change the flight by paying some additional charges 
  • For members or flyer programs, they can change the flight 1 hour before the departure
  • You can change the flight online as well as offline. Online, you are permitted to change flights online only. In case of offline, you can directly interact with the support team of the airline

These are the points and you just got the idea of when you can change the flight. If you don’t know how late can you change a flight? Follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the official website of Airline 
  • Select manage booking option 
  • Provide the necessary details 
  • Press on the change flight and confirm it

In this way, you can manage the booking. For more information or have any query on how late can you change a flight, you can directly interact with the customer support of a particular airline. 

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