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How to Cancel a United Airlines Flight?

How to Cancel a United Airlines Flight?


United Airlines Cancellation Policy

The travelers generally do not cancel the bookings of the United Airlines flight. But due to any of the reasons, the traveler wants to cancel the bookings. The process is quite complicated but you need to worry about it. You can cancel a flight on United Airlines easily. The things for cancellation are mentioned further:

Canceling With Cash or Points

The cancellations of the Airlines by the customers are entitled within the 24 hours only. They are not charged any cancellation fees regardless of the fare selected, as long as the ticket was purchased a week or before the departure.

For the economy basic ticket, United Airlines won’t cancel your ticket until it is within 24 hours from the time of purchasing it.

For the Non- Refundable Ticket, you have to pay around 14,000 INR to the Airlines on the domestic flights and about 29,000 INR for the international flights in which you are going to travel. After the payment of cancellation fees, you can apply for the unused value of the ticket towards a future trip with the same United Airlines. It should not be late than 1 year from the ticket’s original issued date.

For the Award Ticket, if you cancel your flight for 61 days or more, the cancellation fee is about 5,000 INR for the general members or if the ticket is cancelled by you with 60 or fewer days, then you have to pay around 9,000 INR for general members.

Canceling With Paid Cash or Points

 The customers will have 24 hours from the time of their original booking to change their reservation without being charged a fee, as long as the ticket was purchased a week or more before departure. The same does not apply to the Basic Economy Ticket.

For non-refundable tickets, no fees will be charged to the traveler only he is responsible for any change in the fare.

For a Refundable Ticket, a change to a more expensive option has to pay the difference in change while canceling the flight with the airlines. For the cheaper flight, the amount will be refunded as per the method chosen for the payment.

For Reward Ticket, no change fee will be charged by the Airlines. So, customers are not allowed to switch to any other flight without paying any extra fees.

Steps to Cancel A Flight on United Airlines

The steps mentioned further will help to cancel the booking with United Airlines.

  1. First of all login on United Airlines homepage. Go to the My Trip option.
  2. Select the trip you want to cancel and then select, ‘Cancel Booking’ option.
  3. Then confirm to cancel the booking to complete the procedure.
  4. You will be entitled to the e-credits thereafter that will be applicable in the next trip planned on United Airlines.

The procedure and the policies mentioned in the above paragraphs will guide you to cancel the booking on United Airlines as soon as possible. Do not forget to verify the details of the booking and redeeming the e-credits from Airlines. You can also get a refund on the ticket as well if you fit into the cancellation policies of United Airlines.

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