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How Do I Cancel My Condor Flight?

How Do I Cancel My Condor Flight?


If a person is required to cancel the Condor flight ticket, You can cancel via call, dial the condor airline toll-free number 1-866-960-7915 or 802-357-7082(OTA) of the cancellation department. To cancel the ticket at the airport visit the Airport ticket office. Moreover, Passengers are requested to cancel their Condor flight tickets online without any hassles and request for refund.

Steps to Cancel Condor Airlines Tickets Online:

  • Open condor homepage
  • Click on sign in, to your condor airline details
  • If you don't have a condor account, visit the condor airline cancellation page on the website
  • Enter booking number, name, and "continue"
  • Go to the "manage condor airline reservation link" under the flight
  • Click on" condor airlines cancel reservation"
  • Now click on "manage reservations"
  • Once redirected to another page click "condor airline cancel reservation"
  • Follow instructions on the screen, you can cancel your flight.

What is Condor’s cancellation policy? 

Travelers are able to cancel their flight reservations online and offline. If you need to cancel your flight booking, then you must stick to the inclusions of Condor’s cancellation policy. The inclusions of the policy are as follows: 

  • Condor offers a 24-hour cancellation policy wherein travelers can cancel their flight without having to pay an additional cancellation charge. 
  • Cancellation charge per ticket ranges from USD 100 to 500 depending on the flight fare and the date of a flight cancellation from departure. 
  • Cancellations are available for refundable as well as non-refundable flight fares reserved with Condor. 

Can I Cancel Condor Flight?

Yes, You can cancel a Condor flight. As per Condor airline's cancellation policy- A passenger can cancel Condor flight booking within 24 hours of reservation. A traveller will be entitled to a full refund if they cancel their ticket within a week or more before the scheduled departure of your Condor flight.

Ways to cancel Condor flight tickets

In order to cancel your Condor flight, passengers may stick to the following options that are mentioned down under: 

Via Customer Service:

You may get in touch with the customer service department for cancellations. There are certain things that allow travellers a scope to cancel their flight at Condor. You may connect with the customer service department using the call option. Give a call on the customer service helpline number and this way passengers could ask the expert for cancelling his/her flight at Condor.

Via Official Website:

You may also visit the Condor official website in order to go ahead with online cancellation for your Condor reservation. You are required to visit the official website of Condor airlines and there you need to navigate to the My Trips section, followed by the manage my booking option. Enter a few details and this will give you access to your reservation reserved at Condor airlines. Travellers then are supposed to select the flight and select the Cancel flight option. Proceed with the payment and you have successfully cancelled your flight with Condor.

What happens if Condor cancels my flight?

For any reason, if condor has cancelled its flight within 14 days from the departure dates. Passengers travelling on the flight will be compensated. Compensations are not applicable if the condor sends a replacement flight. For any unexpected situation, like bad weather, condor will not pay any compensation but yes it will help with a refund, replacement.

As per condor airline cancellation policy, it gives flexibility in flight cancellation as well as refund. You can ask for a refund online, you can also fill a refund request form and submit it to the condor official site. Refund is only provided for eligible tickets within the active time span.

There is also a cancellation fee for both domestic and international flights.

Condor Airlines Cancellation Due to Covid

Condor cancellation policy covid also includes flight credits. So that if your flight got cancelled due to covid you will receive flight credit, to be used within 18 months.

Can I get a refund from Condor airlines?

Condor airline refund depends on its fare type. for an international ticket if it is refundable, and original payment is done by cheque it will process its refund in 20 business days.

In case if the original payment is done by cash or credit card it will take 7 business days to reflect the amount in your account.

Condor airlines refund for all electronic tickets can be requested by calling the condor reservation sales team.

In having a "basic economy condor airline ticket, you can cancel and get a refund, only if cancellation is done within 24 hours from the booking time. As per ARC 24 hour grace period is valid only when you have booked your ticket for the US.

For non-refundable tickets, you are always required to pay an extra amount to cancel your ticket. If your ticket type is refundable you can cancel your flight any time before the departure of your flight.

Are Condor flights refundable?

Condor flights can be refundable as well as non-refundable, depending on ticket type. Paying attention to the need and situations of travellers.

condor has introduced a 24-hour cancellation policy, where if you are traveling from the US you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours from the booking time. You will get a full refund.

If you are cancelling a flight a few hours before the departure and the ticket is booked within a week, the condor may apply a penalty depending on the fare rule.

How to Contact Condor Airlines to Get a Refund?

If you want to contact Condor airlines to get a refund, call the Condor customer service phone number 1-866-960-7915 for the USA & Canada. 

For all other countries, you need to dial +49 (0) 6171 6988920 to get a refund from Condor airlines.

If, in case you are not able to connect with Condor agent by using the phone. You can send an email to and enquire on how to apply for a refund or check the status of a refund request.

*For hearing and speech impaired customers please dial 711 or use the toll-free number for the voice relay in your state.

Condor Airlines Refund Policy Due to Covid19

For any flight cancelled due to covid you can ask for condor airlines refund covid, it can be either refunded in form of cash to your original payment method or most of the time you may receive flight credit, which can be paid to you from 1St Jan 2022. Flight credits are equal to the amount of your ticket.

How do you redeem condor vouchers?

To redeem 6 digit condor code click on "got a voucher or loyalty code" at the end of the booking process when payment details are requested. Next, you can continue. you can also check with the customer service center.

For other codes, you can get the information at the backside of the voucher. If you have any questions you can check with the voucher issuer.

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