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How to rent a car in Miami?

How to rent a car in Miami?


If you aim to explore Miami for a couple of more days and then pick up a car to explore further into the city, you might decide to choose your rental car up in the town. In that case, make sure you pick it as close as possible to where you are staying at a hotel to avoid a hefty taxi charge if it is out of the city. Whether you choose to book a car rental at the airport or in the city, make sure you know the complete details of where you will be picking it up and dropping it off. You do not want any surprises in the form of hidden bills.

What do I need to rent a car in Miami? 

To rent a car in Miami, you need a valid driver’s license and a credit card. You also need to bring the card you used for your reservation, even if you plan to charge the car on another card. If you are an international tourist coming from abroad, you would need to furnish a driving license and a passport. Also, the current home address is not a P.O. box, current home, and local contact number, and secondary contact phone number which can be a business or personal number.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Miami? 

The cost to rent a car in Miami depends on a few factors like the car rental company you are hiring from, what type of car you are hiring and the car manufacturer as well counts, how many passengers are commuting in that rented car. Therefore an average rental is anywhere around about 41 US dollars. 

How much is it to rent a luxury car in Miami? 

For instance, the average Mercedes-Benz car rental price in Miami - Airport is $100 per day. You also find both a lower and a higher rate because it depends on few factors. The most crucial of them is the vehicle class. The cheapest Mercedes-Benz rental in Miami is available at 69 US dollars a day. Also, the vehicle class matters, especially if you are looking for a luxury class car in Miami. 

At what age can you rent a car in Miami? 

The minimum age to rent a car in Miami is 21 years of age. A young driver fee may be applied if you are between 21-24 years of age. Under-age driving in the United States is strictly prohibited. It is not allowed at all. Only above people who are 25 years of age are considered in driving age.

Can I rent a car with a debit card in Miami? 

Debit Cards are not accepted at the time of payment on rental pick-up. Debit Cards presented at rental return must have a Mastercard, Visa or Discover logo. Debit Card and Primary Driver’s name on the rental receipt must be in the same name.

Do you need a rental car for Miami? 

Well, it depends on your travel style. Whether you like jay-walking across the streets of Miami or you are among those who like to drive a car, it completely rests on you. If you are wondering  How to rent a car in Miami? Then usually, Miami offers the best options to choose a car rental company as there are many available there; moreover, it is a tourist destination. 

Do you need a car in Miami Beach? 

If you plan to stay, especially in Miami Beach, a car is not necessary. Taxis, bikes, and your own two feet are more than enough to move you around the island. If you want to explore further, a car is a must. Parking can be difficult and expensive, but not impossible. 

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