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Is Premium Economy on Lufthansa Worth It?

Is Premium Economy on Lufthansa Worth It?


Know whether it is worth traveling in Premium economy via Lufthansa Airlines 

Lufthansa Airlines is a premium airline that is popular for offering its travelers the finest services on board. Moreover, to make the trip of the travelers hassle-free the airline has introduced various cabin classes that one can opt for as per their requirement and budget. 

Lufthansa, the largest German airline having a lot of subsidiaries which when combined with it, is the second-largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried. It was founded on 6th January 1953 and commenced its operations on 1st April 1955.

However, lately, many travelers have enquired, Is premium economy on Lufthansa worth it? So, to help out them with this query here is the quick info that can help one to easily plan out their trip with the airline. 

A little overview on Lufthansa Airlines premium economy

For the travelers who are not aware, premium economy is a cabin-class that lies between economy and business class. Indeed, the fare for this particular class is expensive but the travelers are offered additional services too that include the extra luggage, legroom, and entertainment options. 

Benefits of opting for traveling via premium economy with Lufthansa 

As discussed earlier, the fare for the premium economy reservations is a bit higher, still, it is a great option over the business reservations as one can access the premium services at a reasonable fare. 

Besides, for those who have a query, how comfortable is Lufthansa premium economy? The travelers would be glad to know that one of the advantages of traveling in a premium economy is the travelers are offered extra legroom and extra width seats making their trip comfortable. 

How comfortable is Lufthansa premium economy?

  • Apart from the seating arrangements, the travelers are offered the best foods that include both breakfast and dinner. 
  • Moreover, the travelers are even offered the best of the entertainment services and a travel kit to make their trip with the airline relaxing. 

In the end, one can conclude that traveling in a premium economy with Lufthansa Airlines is worth the cost as one can access the best of the services but by paying less fare in comparison to the business class. 

What is the difference between premium economy and economy on Lufthansa?

  • Economy

The Economy class on Lufthansa by the name itself suggests that is a budget-friendly package for the traveler which can come in the pocket of any random traveler with the basic facilities of On-board entertainment in which a traveler can enjoy at his/her comfort the wide variety of entertainment. Long-haul flights can sometimes turn out to be boring so a passenger can enjoy a selected range of the latest movies, international radio stations, and a large selection of TV programs. Not only this to enjoy the watch time you have meals as well suitable to the time of your departure time and destinations.

  • Premium Economy

The Premium economy consists of all the economy facilities rather in addition it provides up to 50% more personal space where you can sit in a relaxed manner, two items of free baggage each weighing up to 23kgs and you’re welcomed with a drink as well.

Does Lufthansa premium economy have priority boarding?

For the Lufthansa Premium Economy class, there is no priority boarding as according to the Lufthansa policy Priority boarding is only provided to Families with babies or small children under the age of 5, unaccompanied minors, and passengers with reduced mobility.

What Is The Premium Economy On Lufthansa Like?

Lufthansa is one of the major airlines that provide different kinds of classes. Among them, premium economy is considered is best and most effective. If you are looking for what is the premium economy on Lufthansa like? Then it can offer you many things and you can access many additional things. 

What do you get with Premium Economy on Lufthansa?

  • More free luggage and carry-on baggage 
  • Wide leg room for better comfort 
  • Additional food and beverages 
  • There is a benefit of a comfortable seat so that you sit comfortably throughout your journey.
  • Separate charging plug to charge in your mobile phones, laptops, or any other electronic gadget.
  • Lufthansa airlines also provide a comfortable kit to you so that you travel in a comfortable mode.

These are the major benefits you can get if you fly with a premium economy class & answer for what do you get with Premium Economy on Lufthansa?

How much does it cost to upgrade from economy to premium economy on Lufthansa?

Upgrading from Economy to Premium economy on Lufthansa, so the cheapest upgrades start from the amount ($268) per flight. It varies accordingly on whether or not it is a short-haul flight or a long-haul flight or according to the destination as well. If the route is shorter the prices may vary likely or if the destination is further the price will be at a higher rate accordingly.

Does Lufthansa have premium economy seats?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines does have premium economy seats. You can avail them with the help of making a reservation using the official website of Lufthansa Airlines or by making a phone call to their reservations department. The premium seats will allow more comfort, and you’ll have added benefits and advantages on your booking with Lufthansa Airlines. The premium-economy seats are only available to the passengers who have a booking for a medium-haul or a long-haul flight; you cannot get the same for short-haul flights.


Does Lufthansa Premium Economy get Lounge Access?

Yes, Lounge access for the Lufthansa premium economy is wider than economy class seats. You can easily get its services within a given time frame and easily utilize them within a given period, and you will easily be able to its most effective services. You can visit almost all Lufthansa business lounges and Lufthansa welcome lounge in frankfurt. You can make a call to the vouchers at the Lufthansa service desk at the lounge desk. Complimentary access is available or reserved for the first and business class.

Is Lufthansa Premium economy a separate cabin?

Yes, Lufthansa premium economy does provide you with a separate cabin and does get your comfort on board. It does provide you the personal space, relaxation, entertainment services, or enjoyment as per your desires or needs. More space, more baggage, more services, and offers a long haul premium economy which does offer you plenty of comforts.

Does Lufthansa's premium economy have a leg rest?

Yes, Being a passenger of the Lufthansa premium economy offers you extra leg rest, which provides 50 % more personal space. You can easily recline your seats during long-haul flights as per your preferences and desires. You can recline your seats as per your desires and services. If you are a passenger traveling at the premium economy or it offers you leg rest, you can easily recline your seats as per your choice or preferences.

How big are Premium Economy Seats on Lufthansa?

As per the configuration of the premium economy seats on Lufthansa, the seat width is 18 -19 inches which you can easily recline and get comfortable within your range. It does offer you comfortable seats on long-haul flights and does provide you the long cushions, and it does provide you the inflight services within a given period. The Lufthansa premium economy seats provide you with the most appropriate services to all their passengers, which helps you deal with the most effective services. 

What is included in Lufthansa economy Basic?

Like Lufthansa economy basic, which includes meals, beverages, and entertainment, allows flight change for fees. It provides you comfortable seating, an entertainment program, and internet access to the Lufthansa economy basic, providing you with the best or well-utilized services. 

Are Lufthansa Economy Seats Comfortable? 

The Lufthansa economy seats are truly comfortable as you can recline them as per your desires or wishes. The premium economy product is wider than an economy class seat, which gives you legroom and more recline. Whether it's a long flight or a short flight, a comfortable seat awaits you in economy class.  

Does Lufthansa have lie-flat seats in business class?

Yes, Lufthansa has lie-flat seats in the business class. You will be able to reach your destination under which business class seats can be converted into a full bed, and you can relax during a long flight. 

Do Lufthansa Economy Seats Recline?

Yes, Lufthansa economy seats do recline, and you do get the many premium economy seats, and you can travel in the greater comfort zone. You can easily recline your seats as per your choice or preferences. If you are a passenger traveling in the Lufthansa economy class, you can easily recline your seats.  

Does Lufthansa Charge for the Premium Economy Seats?

Yes, Lufthansa does charge for the premium economy seats. It completely depends upon which sectors you are flying to and what sought of services you requested from the customers and does get most convenient services while making a reservation with the premium economy seats and does get the services as per its desires. 

How much more is premium economy on Lufthansa?

Switching your flight and upgrading it to the upper class is always a better option as passengers can experience more comfort, services, and extra leg space. The premium economy cabin of Lufthansa airlines is affordable that can make your travel experience a comfortable one. If you wonder how much more is premium economy on Lufthansa airlines, you must know that the charges are USD 268 per flight. Passengers have many options to upgrade their flight with Lufthansa airlines. 

How do I upgrade to premium economy on Lufthansa? 

Passengers can upgrade their flight reservation from economy to premium economy class through the online process and customer service executive. Here is the manual process to upgrade your flight using the official website:

  1. Browse the official Lufthansa airline web page.

  2. Go to my bookings tab, enter your booking code passenger's name, and then hit the 'find booking' button. 

  3. Your flight information will appear on the next screen so locate the 'modify' button to upgrade your class with Lufthansa airlines.

  4. Finally, choose the cabin as the premium economy and follow screen instructions until you reach the payments page.

  5. Make the final payment to get the tickets to your registered mailing address. 


The ways mentioned above will guide making a quick reservation with the premium economy seats on Lufthansa. What different ways are you getting the most effective services from Lufthansa airlines? If you require any further assistance, you can call the Lufthansa customer service and enjoy the hassle-free flight of the Lufthansa airlines. 

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