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How Do I Redeem My Lufthansa Voucher?

How Do I Redeem My Lufthansa Voucher?


Lufthansa Flight value vouchers can be applied for the ticket issue up to 15Th May 2020 with a departure date 1St March 2021 and 30TH April 2021. The conversion of unused tickets into flight vouchers may be limited, due to technical requirement

To convert your ticket into a voucher, you must have a valid Lufthansa or miles or other user profile. You can also create a profile, it's free of cost. How do I use my Lufthansa voucher? Now once the ticket is converted into a flight value voucher you can use it during the payment option while booking your flight online at stage "your payment information" and you can use your voucher and redeem it by the same time.

Steps that can help you to use your Lufthansa Voucher

  • You need to take yourself to the official website of Lufthansa.
  • Choose the traveling destinations and select the date.
  • Select the flight and fill in the itinerary details asked in the form.
  • Now in the payment section, you need to select the Your Payment Information option.
  • Here, you have to choose to pay for your trip using the Lufthansa voucher.

By following the steps above, you can use the Lufthansa voucher for flight booking. Other than that, you can use the voucher for seat upgrades as well. Make sure that you are using the official website of Lufthansa to book your tickets using vouchers.

How long are Lufthansa vouchers valid?

Passengers can redeem their flight value voucher by 31St Dec 2021 for travel and till 26Th Dec 2022. you can use it for new bookings. One can convert their ticket issued by till 15Th May 2020 with travel date up to 30Th April. Make sure that your departure location should be in the EU, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

Tickets can be converted into Lufthansa flight vouchers by the airline that issued them. If you have a ticket from other airlines, you can convert it via the website. Flight value vouchers are valid till 31St Dec 2021 including this date for travel till 26Th Dec 2022.

Can I use the Lufthansa voucher on United?

You can book your award travel for Lufthansa using the official website of United airlines. Both the airlines are a part of Star Alliance, so you can use your vouchers for flight booking, but there are some rules you need to know before booking. 

Moreover, there are service charges for changing award reservations depending on your ticket type and travel dates. 

How can I get a Lufthansa discount? 

Getting a Lufthansa discount is very easy, and the airlines give you many Promo Codes. You can use the promotional codes while booking your flight tickets with Lufthansa. Also, you can check the airline's official website to see new offers that can provide you with some additional discounts.

How long does a Lufthansa voucher last? 

The Lufthansa flight value vouchers are valid till 31 December 2021 from the buying date. The departure airport of original and new booking must be the same.

Also, the tickets booked using the Lufthansa voucher are valid until 26 December 2022.

Are Lufthansa vouchers transferable? 

You can only transfer the ticket value to the Flight Value voucher where the original flight should be located in the EU, Switzerland, the UK, or the USA. Other than that, you can’t use your Lufthansa voucher to transfer to the other passenger.

These are some common questions on Lufthansa airlines about vouchers and how long do Lufthansa refunds take. If you want to know more about the voucher or airline, you can contact customer support by visiting the contact page of Lufthansa Airlines.

Can I use condor credit on Lufthansa?

When condor airlines were started in 1955, Lufthansa was having its shares in condor airlines. But in 2007 Lufthansa sold its stake at condor airlines to Thomas cook. Though rumors were there that Lufthansa is buying shares in condor again, this did not go through. Though both share a descent bond between them. Condor still uses Lufthansa aircraft for their long flights. You can easily use condor credit miles etc that can be redeemed on Lufthansa.

Can I get a voucher Lufthansa?

Well, Lufthansa has offered a great opportunity for its passengers, to convert their unused tickets into vouchers, to apply vouchers you first need to fill the application form, then open the link received via email, and log in to the flight value voucher portal using your profile. Now you can download your flight voucher as a pdf.

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