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What happens if my flight is Cancelled Qatar?

What happens if my flight is Cancelled Qatar?


If your flight has been cancelled at Qatar airways then you are entitled to a refund without any deductions made against cancellation fees. If the airline cancels the flight then these conditions apply: 

  • Either the airline will refund your entire ticket for the reservation made with Qatar airways, if not this then the passenger whose ticket got cancelled is entitled to a rebooking from the airlines’ end to accommodate him or her in another carrier. 

  • Also, there is a provision for allocating future travel to passengers who are ready to postpone their travel with Qatar airlines. 

In any condition listed above, travelers are not liable to pay cancellation charges that are otherwise levied by the airline on customers who opt for voluntary cancellations for the reserved Qatar flights. 

In order to gather information regarding what happens after your flight has been cancelled by Qatar Airlines, travelers are recommended to either visit the official website of Qatar airways and go through the Qatar flight cancellation policy, or else they can connect with the customer service representatives at Qatar to enquire regarding the refund procedure and process. 

The customer service professionals work round the clock to provide assistance with your reservation and there are multiple things that travelers may ask as far as Qatar airlines’ refund is concerned.

How Qatar compensates for your cancelled flight or travel? 

Within 24 hours, travelers are given another flight for the same route. This is provided as a part of compensation, this way travelers only have to face delays but they are able to take the journey to reach their destination. 

In case of any complications, and if you are at the airport, then it is highly recommended that you visit the Qatar airlines’ help desk to discuss your issue or concern with the concerned person. 

I hope this answers What if Qatar cancelled flights?

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