About Osaka

Osaka is one of the large port cities on the Japanese island of Honshu which is best known for its hotels, amazing architecture, street food, and nightlife. Osaka has also equipped with historical backgrounds and 16th century Osaka Castle is considered as the main historical landmark in Osaka which surrounded by the plum park, cherry-blossom trees, and more things. Osaka is considered as one of the most crowded destinations where tourists from all over the world come every single year.

Best time to visit Osaka

Osaka is an amazing place to visit where you don’t any need to think that which season will be comfortable for you because you can explore Osaka throughout any season.

Peak Season: Spring season or March to June is the popular time to visit Osaka when you can enjoy the beautiful moments of natural beauty on beaches and city. There are lots of local events take place where you can participate and make your trip amazing.

Off Season: Winter season is the off season to visit Osaka when you will feel the coldness in temperature. A lot of travelers avoid this season to visit Osaka and you can easily find low-cost flight deals during the season and explore Osaka without confronting too much crowd.

Top places to visit in Osaka

With a plenty of attractions, it is complex to choose perfect attractions to visit on Osaka. But you can find out the below most-crowded tourist places of Osaka:

  • Osaka Castle.
  • Dotonbori.
  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.
  • Tsutenkaku.
  • Shitenno-ji Temple.
  • The National Museum of Art.
  • The Umeda Sky Building.

Food to taste in Osaka

  • Daiki suisan.
  • Kura sushi.
  • Jinen shimizucho.
  • Takoyaki tamaya.
  • Rai rai tei.
  • Ippudo.
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